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Before GOBlin Electrification – Walthamstow Queen’s Road

Walthamstow Queen’s Road is of a similar standard to most of the other stations on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line.

The station like Harringay Green Lanes is step-free by ramps and at some point will need lifts.

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Before GOBlin Electrification – Wanstead Park

Wanstead Park station is another tidy station on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line.

It has two steep staircases and no lifts, but the platforms can be easily extended, if needed for the new trains.

In my view the station also needs a light-controlled crossing by the entrance and better placed bus stops, so that transfer to the nearby Forest Gate station is easier.

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Before GOBlin Electrification – Woodgrange Park

Woodgrange Park station is one of only two stations on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line, that is electrified.

As the electrification stretches all the way to Barking, the only thing the station will need to bring it up to the standrd passengers expect, is perhaps a couple of lifts.

If the platforms need lengthening, there are abandoned sections that could probably be brought back into use. This Google Map clearly shows the usable white and disused sections of the platforms.

Woodgrange Park Station

Woodgrange Park Station

I estimate from this image that the current length of usable platform is around eighty metres. So they could probably accommodate one of the new four-car trains. But should the platforms be extended to future-proof them for six or even eight-cars.

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Before GOBlin Electrification – Upper Holloway

I went to Upper Holloway station on my way to Waitrose.

It is not a grand station, being just two ramps and staircases from the Holloway Road to two more than adequate tidy platforms. It is not unlike Crouch Hill station.

At present there are roadworks outside, as the road bridge over the railway is being replaced. I suspect that this project will have to be completed before electrification through the station is started. Obviously, when the new bridge is finished it will have sufficient headroom for the overhead line equipment.

Upper Holloway isn’t an official interchange but as the station is in middle of  a slope between Archway and Holloway Road stations, which eases walking in one direction, it can sometimes be a useful interchange.

But the station will need improvements to its step-free access.

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Before GOBlin Electrification – Harringay Green Lanes

To get to the Gospel Oak to Barking Line, I get a 141 bus from outside my house to Harringay Green Lanes station.

It is another tidy station serving a retail park on the site of the old Harringay stadium. Like most of the stations on the line, there are no lifts and the two platforms are served by stairs and ramps.

Other than the inadequate step-free access, note the following about the station.

  1. The platforms are not unduly long, but there would appear to be foundations from previous ones, that were longer.
  2. The bridge although obviously sound, probably needs a bit of work to bring it up to the required visual standard.
  3. The station is an out of station interchange to Harringay station and work could be done to make the walking route easier. I estimate that the distance is about 50% longer than the Hackney Downs/Central Link.
  4. There is a lot of commercial and retail use in the area, that may be redeveloped.

Note too, that the Piccadilly Line crosses underneath and there is a long distance between the stations either side on that line. No plans exist to create an interchange, but it is a station, where that should never be ruled out.

This is a Google Map showing the area around the two Harringay stations.

The Area Around The Two Harringay Stations

The Area Around The Two Harringay Stations

I think that by 2050, Harringay Green Lanes station will be very different.

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Before GOBlin Electrification – Crouch Hill

I’d never been to Crouch Hill station before, but I went to take these pictures.

It is another tidy station with fairly long platforms, steep staircases and no lifts. Although unlike Leyton Midland Road, the station is in a cutting, rather than on a viaduct.

My pictures were as you can see interrupted by a dreaded Class 66 locomotive, with all its noise and smell passing through. After electrification, hopefully we’ll see something more environmentally-friendly like an elderly Class 90 or a brand new Class 88 locomotive. Unfortunately, I think we’ll see mainly Class 66s pulling freight trains for some years, as there are so many of them and they seem to be pretty reliable, although unloved by the drivers.

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Before GOBlin Electrification – Leyton Midland Road

Leyton Midland Road station is a tidy station, but it has steep stairs and no lifts.

As the pictures show, the platforms are probably long enough for the new four-car trains.

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