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From Bromley-by-Bow To Mile End Park

This Google map shows the c2c railway line from where it passes through Bromley-by-Bow station in the East to where it crosses Mile End Park in the West

From Bromley-by-Bow To Mile End Park

From Bromley-by-Bow To Mile End Park

This map from shows the railway lines around the triangular junction towards the top of the map and to the East of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

Lines Around Eleanor Street

Lines Around Eleanor Street

The map certainly shows, there has been a lot of building of railways in the area. This Wikpedia entry for the former Bow station gives some of the history.

These pictures show the route taken from a c2c train going towards London.


  • The Crossrail ventilation and evacuation shaft at Eleanor Street is at the point of the triangle, where the Underground lines go Northwards and the c2c lines go Southward.
  • The travellers site is in the middle of the triangular junction.
  • The single-track chord for Stratford, links the c2c lines into Fenchurch Street to the Great Eastern Main Line.
  • This chord is clearly visible on the map of the Lines around Eleanor Street.
  • Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, which is worth a visit and I wrote about in Around Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.
  • The Crossrail ventilation and evacuation shaft at Mile End Park, which is in the South East corner of the Park by the railway.

In The Ventilation Shafts For Crossrail, there is more details on the shafts and some pictures from April 2015.


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A Tribute To Victorian Engineering

These pictures of the Berrmondsey Dive-Under, were taken from a train going between London Bridge and East Croydon stations and eventually on to Uckfield.

I think we are seeing the creation of a piece of superb railway engineering, that although the Victorians did brick arches and interwoven viaducts all the time, creating them now is all too rare.

It doesn’t appear to be a simple struct. But then Wikipedia says this about it.

With the completion of Borough Market Viaduct to the west of London Bridge, Thameslink trains will use the pair of tracks to the north, and Charing Cross trains will use the new pair of tracks to the south. At present, northbound Thameslink trains arrive into London Bridge to the south of the Kent lines. Construction work will be undertaken to the east of London Bridge so that Thameslink trains from the Brighton Main Line can use a grade-separated crossover to avoid impeding trains from Kent bound for Charing Cross.

Services to Charing Cross on the Kent lines will be diverted slightly south in the vicinity of Trundleys Road onto the route of the former branch line to Bricklayers’ Arms. They will then slope up alongside the Brighton Main Line just north of South Bermondsey station. Thameslink trains in both directions will cross over the Kent lines on a new bridge, meeting the existing alignment just north of Jarrow Road.

Simple it isn’t!

I am pleased to see that it looks like they are building some new arches under the lines. Look at the last four pictures!

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My First Wrap

Like probably many on a gluten-free diet, I’ve never eaten a wrap.

Especially, as I’d probably never actually seen one before I was diagnosed in 1998.

These pictures show a gluten-free Piri-Piri Chicken wrap, that I purchased this morning from the Marks and Spencer’s in London Bridge station.

I will certainly be buying another,

A few months ago I pointed out to Marks, that I was disappointed, that they had discontinued the gluten-free ham roll, which was easy to put in a pocket or a small bag, whereas traditional triangular sandwiches are not!

This new product would fit!

There was also a Three Bean wrap, for vegetarians or those who like to have wind!

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Development At Kidbrooke Station

This article on the BBC web site, is entitled Transport for London set to become private landlord to create revenue.

One of the sites mentioned is Kidbrooke station.

This is a Google Map of the area around the station.

Kidbrooke Station

Kidbrooke Station

It looks to me that there is some development going on already and that there could be scope for more.

For those of you who like me, don’t know the area well, this Google Map shows the Bexleyheath Line between Blackheath and Eltham stations.

Blackheath To Eltham

Blackheath To Eltham

Kidbrooke is the station in the middle. sitting in a semi-circle of roads.

Note the A2 which passes to the North East of the station. Could it be that all the spare land to the North of the station was part of London’s 1960s road-building schemes.

I shall be visiting with my camera.


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How Many Shoppers Will Mourn The Death Of BHS?

I suspect, I’ve not been into BHS to buy anything this century.

I used to use the one in Ipswich occasionally, as they had a very conveniently placed toilet if you were passing on the way between a lunchtime pub and the football. But now that I live in London, when I go to the football, my route is different and the station and the ground have good toilets as well.

I also used to use their Oxford Street store, as a cut-through from Oxford Circus station to John Lewis, especially when it was raining. But about five years ago, BHS blocked the route off, so that ended my visits to that store.

I shan’t be bothered if all the BHS stores in the country close. And I suspect most people, unless it effects their employment won’t be bothered either.

In fact, it might be better for me, as I wonder if John Lewis will take over the Oxford Street store and use it innovatively with their flagship store next door.

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My Solar Panels Are On The Roof

My solar panels are now on my large flat roof.

The installation was surprisingly painless, with the only work inside the house, the fitting of the control box near to my main consumer unit.

I have been monitoring all weekend on my laptop.

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The Windsor Link Railway Gets Public Approval

This article in the Windsor Express reveals the results of the consultation of a railway to connect the town’s two railway stations.

Surprisingly in my view, 64% of the public approved of the project.

I am dubious, that this project will ever get built, as it is too radical and Network Rail have their own plans for more railways into Heathrow.

But if I was Lord Adonis, I’d recommend building the line, as I think it gives tremendous possibilities for business, tourism and leisure in the Thames Valley.

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