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The Other Side Of Healthcare

According to reports like this, the new boss of the NHS is going to create more smaller community hospitals. Here’s the first few paragraphs

Smaller community hospitals should play a bigger role especially in the care of older patients, the new head of the NHS in England has said.

In an interview in the Daily Telegraph, Simon Stevens signalled a marked change in policy by calling for a shift away from big centralised hospitals.

The health service chief executive said there needed to be new models of care built around smaller local hospitals.

I think there is something, which is just as important, that he doesn’t seem to mention.

That is that all hospitals should be easy to access from most of their catchment area.

When I lived in Suffolk, the only way to get to the excellent local hospital at Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge, was either by a private car or taxi. It certainly couldn’t be done by public transport.

Where I live now, I only have to walk round the corner about fifty metres and every ten or fifteen minutes, there is a 30 bus direct to University College Hospital. The other local hospitals; Royal London, Barts and Homerton are also easy by public transport. I could even get the 30 bus to Harley Street for a private consultation.

But not everybody is so lucky and many hospitals are downright difficult or even impossible to access by public transport. Two hospitals in Suffolk; Ipswich and Bury \St. Edmunds come to mind.

Fixing this problem, will not only help patients, but make it easier for visitors without their own private transport to get to the hospitals.

Hopefully good public transport to hospitals, may also ease parking problems for staff and visitors and hopefully cut down the number of patients who miss their appointments.


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Deptford Station Is Almost Finished

In April 2012, I went to see the new Deptford station and I reported on it here. Today after seeing HMS Bulwark I walked along the Thames to the station to get a train to London Bridge station.

It shouldn’t be long before Deptford has a station of which it can be proud.

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St. Nicholas’s Church, Deptford

London is thought of as a fairly recent city, but dotted amongst the later buildings are some old parish churches, that wouldn’t be out of place in an English country village.

This is St. Nicholas’s Church, Deptford. The parish has a Wikipedia entry, Christopher Matrlowe was buried in an unmarked grave in the church.

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The Statue Of Peter The Great, Deptford

Peter the Great came to Deptford and as I said in this post, I can remember a school history book, which said he worked in the shipyards there.

He may or may not, but there is a statue of him looking out over the river.

The guy sitting next to the statue, was a teacher who lived locally , who told me how he enjoyed living in Deptford

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The Navy Pops Into Waitrose

I couldn’t resist posting this picture of HMS Bulwark, by Waitrose in Greenwich.

The Navy Pops Into Waitrose

The Navy Pops Into Waitrose

It’s just a pity the gap inthe buildings isn’t larger, so that you could see more of the warship.

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HMS Bulwark At Greenwich

HMS Bulwark is in Greenwich to mark the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines.

Lsrge ships are always impressive on London’s river.

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SS Canary Wharf Is Approaching Launch

Canary Wharf station is starting to resemble a large cruise liner, as more and more of it gets completed, in the dock beside the towers of Canary Wharf.

Although, Crossrail will not open until 2018, I have read that some of the shopping centre on top, will open earlier in May 2015 according to this information.

I suspect too, that the walkway to the Docklands Light Railway at Poplar station will be in place before 2018.

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A Visit From A Clean Rat

I saw the rat scamper across the kitchen and luckily I had a camera handy, as he went down the stairs.

A Visit From A Clean Rat

A Visit From A Clean Rat

He didn’t seem too unfriendly, but I wish he’d stop eating my bananas.

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Innovations In Diesel Locomotives

All across Europe there is a shortage of locomotives to pull both freight and passenger trains. In some ways this may well be good news, as it could be said that the economies of some countries are at last picking up.

In the UK, there have been orders for the new Class 68 to pull both freight and passenger trains and for some more of the ubiquitous Class 66.  As the latter class doesn’t meet the current emission standards, the order for the Class 66 will probably be the last for the type. In my view that is a good thing, as I’ve talked to drivers and although the engines are reliable, the working environment could be better. They also aren’t popular with some residents, who live near busy freight routes, as they aren’t the quietest.

So in the UK, we’ve seen a scraping around for motive power, and this partly explains, why some elderly engines, like the Class 20, I saw a couple of days ago, are still working.

But we have also ordered some new Class 88, which are an electric engine, with an on-board diesel engine, so are capable of going all over the network. So for say Felixstowe to Manchester via the routes through London, could be done without changing the engine en route.

I also found another interesting idea on the web yesterday. This article in Global Rail News describes the delivery of a new TRAXX locomotive in Germany. What is unique about the TRAXX P160 DE is that instead of one large diesel engine, it has four smaller ones. So the power can be adjusted to the load, therefore using less fuel and creating much less noise.

This technique has been used on some diesel multiple units like the Class 185 used by Trans Pennine. On their hilly routes, some parts need more power than others, so these trains have an eco-mode.

Over the next few years, we will see a lot more serious developments with respect to more power, better fuel economy and less noise.

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I Can’t Bear To Look At The Times Website Today

The headline story is of the poor woman sentenced to death in Sudan for a love of a man of the wrong religion, giving birth on the floor of a prison cell in chains.

What has all this got to do with religion?

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