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Option Enables SWR To Expand Class 701 Fleet

The title of this post, is the same as that as this article on Rail Business UK.

Currently. South Western Railway (SWR) has the following Class 701 trains on order from Bombardier.

  • 60 x ten-car trains
  • 30 x five-car trains

They also had an option for two more ten-car trains.

This has been increased to five trains.

At least one train company, thinks it’s worth investing in more trains despite COVID-19!

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Were South Western Railway’s Class 707 Trains Designed By An Accountant With A Red Pen?

I’ve just travelled between Syon Lane and Dalston Junction stations.

For the first part of the journey, I was in a South Western Railway Class 707 train, until I changed to the Overground and a Class 378 train.

The Class 707 train is better noted for what it doesn’t have.

  • Air-conditioning
  • Two door opening buttons
  • Toilets
  • Padding in the seats

But it does have wi-fi!

Was it designed by an accountant with a red pen?

As they were lumbered with these uncomfortable trains by the previous franchise holders; Stagecoach, I can understand why they are being replaced with Class 701 trains.

I am actually typing this in one of London Overground’s Class 378 trains, which have air-conditioning, better seats and more door buttons!


I can’t say I’m sorry to see Stagecoach abandon train operating!

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