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You Are A Rude Terrible President!

Yesterday, Trump showed his bullying side as he dealt with a CNN reporter.

This report on CNN gives their side of the story.

I always remember at a meeting in Cambridge with John Major, where he dealt with press criticism in a polished, barbed and very funny way, such that everybody laughed.

But then Trump is the sort of person, who ignores the general courtesies of life, the freedom of the press and scientific correctness!

But then there are too many Trumps in this world!

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Shooting The Messenger

This article on the BBC is entitled White House bans certain news media from briefing. This is said.

The White House has barred several major broadcasters and newspapers from attending an informal press briefing.

The BBC, CNN, the New York Times and others were excluded from an audience with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, with no reason given.

If you don’t like the messenger, perhaps they’ve not the problem, but what the message might be.

Recent stories on the BBC web site include.

  • Mexico Warns US Over Border Wall Funding
  • India Shocked Over US Bar Shooting
  • Trump Aid Pressed FBI On Russia Reports
  • Caithlyn Jenner To Donald Trump “Call Me!”

But those who voted for Trump think he’s right.

Supporters thought that about Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi and Hitler.

Politicians should be wary of being selective with the messages they will accept.

Especially, when you consider that many English speakers throughout the world, get their American world news as it effects them from the BBC  or CNN and not from Trump TV!

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Channels I Don’t Want or Need

As I’m moving to BT Broadband, I looked at BT Vision. I was surprised to see that the basic package doesn’t include two channels; CNN and filth.  After my experiences in Hong Kong, I can live without the first and earlier this year  I saw enough filth to last a lifetime.

But I need the broadband first and for that I need a working phone line.

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CNN Does Whales Again


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CNN Missed This!

CNN haven.t reported this

Perhaps it’s too juicy.  Or just a wicked American!

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CNN’s Focus

Sometimes it is strange.  Today, it’s all about a Dutchman, called Van Der Sloot, who has been accused of murder in Peru.  I can’t find anything about this story in the British media.

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Annoying CNN Sports

They have quite a few sports bulletins, but each is interrupted by at least three advert breaks.

The emphasis is all on sports like golf (a pastime), baseball (for over tall people), ice hockey(a waste of space) and baseball (mystifying). The action they show from  football is limited and poor and there is no cricket at all.

At least I can get sports news from the BBC web site.

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Fed Up with CNN

I must admit that CNN is very repetitive.If I’ve seen their piece on whaling once, I’ve seen it ten times.

I can get BBC 5 Live on the computer, but the time difference makes getting sensible stuff difficult.

And then there are the inane and repetitive adverts.

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ouIn Ohio if a Policeman thinks you’re speeding, you are

Just heard this on CNN.

You could apply this to more serious crimes.  Visions of Rowan Atkinson.

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Listening to 5 Live

It’s so much better than CNN.

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