The Anonymous Widower

Is Fred Goodwin a Coeliac?

The reason I ask this question, is that we have one important thing in common; we both hate pink vanilla wafer biscuits. In my case, I’ve avoided them all my life even before I was diagnosed as a coeliac and of course can’t eat the normal ones now.  But I’d never write an e-mail about it, as Fred did and I reported here.

But hope is at hand, as Sainsburys are now selling Pink Panther gluten free vanilla wafers.

Who’s to know, if Fred might have liked them?  If he had, the train crash that was RBS might not have happened.

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Not Big Sellers

If I want to get rid of anything that might be useful to someone, I just put it on the front patio with a note saying it’s alright to take it. But not these lights!

A Box of Useless Lights

They’re obviously too awful for even the grottiest cellar, attic or garden shed. They were of course installed in this house by Jerry, who never missed a chsnce to use crap, where quality was specified.

Although I must say someone did rumage through and take all  the tungsten light bulbs.

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One Birmingham Is Enough

andrew Green of Migration Watch has just said that if the net migration continues at the current level, we’ll need a new city the size of Birmingham every year or so.

Surely one Birmingham is enough!

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Channels I Don’t Want or Need

As I’m moving to BT Broadband, I looked at BT Vision. I was surprised to see that the basic package doesn’t include two channels; CNN and filth.  After my experiences in Hong Kong, I can live without the first and earlier this year  I saw enough filth to last a lifetime.

But I need the broadband first and for that I need a working phone line.

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BIlly Connolly Uses a Bible for a Roll-Up

Billy Connolly has confest to using pages from a Bible to make a roll-up. This is one of several reports.

I always wondered why they went to the expense to put a bible in hotel rooms.  Now I know why!

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What Would God Think?

Bradford Cathedral would appear to be the first cathedral to have solar panels on the roof. It’s here in the Yorkshire Post.

I suspect that some will think it is a desecration of a holy building!

I’m sure God, if he or she exists, which I doubt, would actually be pleased as hopefully the cells would make peoples’ lives just that little bit better in the longer term.

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Did My Anger Burn Richard Branson’s House Down?

If it did, I of course apologise, but then the response of Virgin Media to my lack of landline would try the patience of a saint.  And of course, I may be many things, but I’m no saint!

My landline probably failed about the 1st of August, but I’m unsure when, as my TV and broadband was still working and I mistakenly thought that the landline came through the cable.  I may be an electronic engineer, but hardware and especially telecoms hardware has always been a mystery to me. Those that tried to reach me on the landline failed and so tried my reliable Nokia 6310i connected through o2.

Only about the 10th of August did I realise that the landline was broken and eventually phoned them on the 12th.  Virgin Media support, said that the line was OK and would I try another phone.  Not so easy when you live by yourself and don’t have a spare one handy.  So in the end I bought a new phone from Maplin for about £30 to test the line.  That may seem expensive, but it is a twin one and I needed that anyway. The lack of phone line just brought my purchase forward by a month or so.

The phone didn’t connect either, so I spent another hour or so trying to get through to Virgin.  At one time, I was left on hold to rediculous music, which I couldn’t stand.  And of course I was paying for the expensive call on my mobile phone. One idiot at Virgin might actually told me to use the ladline as it would be cheaper but another did try to sell me a new calling plan, which would be cheaper.  It strikes me that Virgin have already found me a very cheap calling plan.  It’s called the no phone plan.

At this point I phoned BT and they will be taking over the phone from the 30th of August.

I finally got some sense out of Virgin by phoning them up and cancelling.  But this will cost me £70.   The lady with the sense also made sure that an egineer would come round on Monday the 22nd.

They did and fixed the phone.  But the engineers did say there was a problem with the cable and it would need properly fixing later. This would of course mean digging up the new pavement.  They actually accused the works of causing the problem with the phone, but retracted that when I told them, that the phone line had failed before the work started.

Yesterday, someone very polite, (Unlike me!) , from Virgin phoned to check that everything was OK.  The phone hasn’t worked since.

My Landline

Looking at the cable from the outside, it doesn’t look as though it’s a much better piece of work than their cabinets.

This morning it was the usual Virgin get connected obstacle race and I lost it.  Wouldn’t you?  In the end they phoned back a couple of times, but always at inconvenient or noisy moments.  It doesn’t help that there’s a road drill outside.

So now I’ve decided to wait until BT connect my broadband on Tuesday.

I have completely lost what little faith if any I ever had in Virgin Media.

I hope Sir Richard didn’t have to call the emergency sevices on one of his own phone lines! Or perhaps he was waiting for the lines to be fixed and the firemen didn’t get the message quick enough.

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Edinburgh’s Best Joke

This one from Nick Helm has been voted Edinburgh’s best joke according to the BBC.

I needed a password eight characters long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

I always thought that Edinburgh’s best joke was the tram!

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How Do I Get Prisoners To Paint My House?

I have a cupboard in my bedroom that needs stripping and painting. Obviously, some might think I’m the sort of person who should benefit from some sort of scheme, as I’m a widower, who has had a stroke.

After all Jacqui Smith, the former NuLabor Home Secretary got two prisoners to do some painting at her house according to this report in the Guardian.

But then as I said, I’m a widower and I’ve had a stroke.  I’m certainly not sick or mad enough to want to be a Member of Parliament.

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Is Cider Good For You?

it is reported on the BBC that alcohol-related disease is very much on the rise, in a study from John Moores University.

Here’s an extract from the BBC report.

Annual rates for alcohol-related hospital admission in Liverpool are 3,114 per 100,000 compared to 849 per 100,000 in the Isle of Wight.

In Blackpool, the findings showed the number of deaths from chronic liver disease were 46 per 100,000 men and 21 per 100,000 women, compared with the lowest rates in the City of London and in West Somerset where nobody died of liver disease.

Does the last bit mean that cider is good for you?

You’d have thought that the City of London would be higher up the list too. Although, I did have lunch with a stockbroker yesterday and all he had was a bottle of Italian beer.  But he did have to ride his bike back to Kingston after work.

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