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‘Game-Changing’ Drones Helping Ukraine In Battle For The Skies

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article in The Times.

This is the introductory paragraph.

The Ukrainian military has been using “Punisher” stealth drones that can target fuel storage, ammunition supplies and electronic warfare stations up to 30 miles behind enemy lines.

Some other points from the article.

  • They are a Ukrainian-built drone with a 7.5 foot wingspan an electric propulsion.
  • They are from a company called UA-Dynamics.
  • They have completed sixty successful mission.
  • They can fly for hours at 1,300ft

This paragraph describes a mission.

He said the drone, which can carry 3kg of explosives, needs the co-ordinates of its target and then carries out its mission automatically. Onboard cameras record the impact of the blast to check the accuracy of the mission.

It can also work in combination with a reconnaissance drone.

Could this be the reason the Russians have held back the convoy?

It may not be a big enough warhead to knock out a tank, but it would do a lot of damage to a supply truck or a tanker full of diesel.

There is also this paragraph, which describes a dog-fight between Russian and Ukranian fighters.

The Ukrainian military said today that a “fierce air battle” took place overnight in the Kyiv region between a pair of MiG-29 fighters and a pair of Russian Su-35s. Both Russian jets were destroyed and one MiG-29 survived.


  1. The Mig-29 first flew in 1977.
  2. Mig-29s are a very common fighter aircraft.
  3. Ukraine inherited hundreds of Mig-29s after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  4. The USAF has a few Mig-29s

The Su-35 first flew in 1988.

In addition to the Russians, they are flown by China and Egypt.

This is a paragraph from the Wikipedia entry for the Mig-29.

On 29 May 2020, Ukrainian MiG-29s took part in the Bomber Task Force in Europe with American B-1B bombers for the first time in the Black Sea region. In September 2020, B-52 bombers from the 5th Bomb Wing conducted vital integration training with Ukrainian MiG-29s and Su-27s inside Ukraine’s airspace.

Have the Ukrainian pilots been doing some combat training?

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