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Thoughts On The Duke’s Land Rover Hearse

This article on The Times is entitled The Land Rover hearse: a vehicle fit for the Duke of Edinburgh’s final journey.

I made this comment.

There’s a church near me in Hackney, where in less restricting times, you regularly saw a horse-drawn funeral. These must cost a fortune to maintain and provide.

I remember seeing a report on the BBC about an undertaker, who has created a motorcycle and sidecar hearse for the funerals of those of a certain persuasion.

I can imagine some of my farming and off-road enthusiast friends liking the idea of being taken to their funeral in a hearse made from a Land-Rover. As you say, it would have a certain style.

There are even conversions, so that old Defenders can be converted to run on battery power, so the hearse could be zero-carbon too!

I have just heard Giles Brandreth on the BBC, who as the biography of the Duke, was at the funeral, as a reporter. He said that he had talked to the Commander of the Guards, who had walked alongside the hearse in the procession. He related how the driver had difficulty keeping the speed down with a lot of slipping of the clutch and noise from the diesel engine.

As I said in my comment to The Times article, perhaps the hearse should have been battery-powered. But then surely, this should apply to a fair proportion of all hearses.

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The Day I Shook Hands With The Duke Of Edinburgh

I only met the Duke of Edinburgh once and all we did was shake hands.

The meeting is described in this post called The Day I Met the Queen.

At least I didn’t embarrass myself as I did in another meeting with the Queen, I wrote about in The Day I Stood on the Queen.

I also found this post about the Queen’s relationship with her husband, which I wrote about in The Queen on Industrial Language.

The Duke of Edinburgh, is a man who will be missed and remembered by many.

He certainly did what we all should do! – By his best efforts, he left the world a better place!

May he rest in peace.

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Phince Philip On Crossrail

Matthew Parris , who admits he is no royalist, has an article in today’s Times entitled The Debt We Owe To A Thoroughly Modern Philip, in which he praises Prince Philip’s attitude to engineering, science and technology amongst other things.

He finishes the article like this..

Earlier this year, at 94, Prince Philip descended into the main tunnel of London’s Crossrail project to see more. They told him it would open in 2018.

“Too late foe me,” he said. Then he thought again. “Or perhaps not.”

I hope not.

I would agree with Matthew.


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An Historical Snippet From Gyles Brandreth

Gyles Brandreth can always be relied upon to add something of note to a discussion. He has just said that the Duke of Edinburgh‘s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, was at the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving of Queen Victoria.

She stayed in Athens during the Second World War, and this snippet, shows an insight into her character.

During the fighting in Athens, to the dismay of the British, she insisted on walking the streets distributing rations to policemen and children in contravention of the curfew order. When told that she might have been shot by a stray bullet, she replied “they tell me that you don’t hear the shot that kills you and in any case I am deaf. So, why worry about that?”

So did the Duke get his forthright character from his mother?

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The Olympic Opening Ceremony

A letter writer in The Times today has said that the Olympic opening ceremony is sport.

What tosh!

I’m with the Duke of Edinburgh on this, who said famously that you need someone to do a welcome speech and then just say “Let the Games begin!”

There should be another day of athletics or some real sport.

I shall not be watching the Opening or Closing Ceremonies, as watching some real football on Hackney Marshes will be more exciting.

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Common Sense from The Duke

The Times today carries an article about engineers from the Duke of Edinburgh.

What common sense!

I like this bit.

Yet engineering remains the driving force behind all technological advances, and plays an immensely important part in the improvement in social conditions. Furthermore, it is probably the greatest wealth creator in our whole society.

But how he ends the article is something that all politicians should note.

As the ever-growing human population consumes more and more of the Earth’s natural resources, it is going to take all the ingenuity of inventors, engineers and designers to maintain the rate of improvements in developed societies and to bring better standards of living to more and more people in the less prosperous countries of the world. If this is to be achieved in the 21st century, the challenge will be to make sure that bright young people, whatever their background, who aspire to do something creative and fulfilling with their lives, can achieve their ambition through engineering.

It will be engineers, that get us out the mess we are in. 

Not politicians!  How much hot air will they be blowing in Copenhagen?

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