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Organic Zambian Honey From Marks And Spencer

I don’t usually buy speciality honey, but when I saw it was a similar price to an English meadow honey, I thought why not!

This picture shows the jar.

It comes from the Mwinilunga Forest, where this Wikipedia entry for the Economy of the town of Mwinilunga says this.

Forest Fruits Limited has been operating in Mwinilunga since 1998, successfully working with over 7,000 beekeepers in the region to export organic honey to the European market. The company also employs about 100 staff.

This is said on the side of the jar.

Supporting family incomes of bark hive village beekeepers, the diverse forest gives this honey a complex rich & smoky flavour.

This picture shows some on toast.

It was certainly one of best honeys, I’ve ever tasted and that includes some local Suffolk honey collected by friends.



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Businesses Get Bees On The Roof

I first saw this in The Times concerning law firm, Olswang.

But there is also an old video story about it on the BBC’s web site.

It obviously seems to be a good idea, as it seems to be catching on.

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They’ve Got Blue Honey In France

This sounds a rather weird story and it’s all here on the BBC web site.

Perhaps the French bees have got the blues over Francois Hollande!

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