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A Delicious Meal For A Coeliac In A Fast-Food Restaurant

When I was diagnosed as a coeliactwenty years ago, fast-food restaurants were all gluten-full and alcohol, especially beer that I prefer was absent.

But look at these pictures of my lunch.

I ate in Leon in Leadenhall Market.

Gluten-free food has certainly changed for the better.

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A Fast Food Restaurant With Gluten-Free Beer In An Iconic Location

Leadenhall Market is one of the City of London’s iconic locations.

Leon have an outlet and I was surprised to find that it sells Estrella Damm Daura, a very reasonable Spanish gluten-free beer.

I’ll experiment one day, to see how a beer goes with Lean’s excellent gluten-free chicken nuggets.

The restoration of the market was done in 1990 by students, as I posted in No Budget; Employ Students.

I actually walked through at eleven o’clock on a Sunday morning, and it was good to see the City more open at that time.

In a couple of years, the City will become one of the must-see places to go in London and the best time will be the weekend.

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Leadenhall Market

Despite the awful weather, today was a good day to walk through a virtually empty Leadenhall Market.

Note the date of 1990.  Was that when the art students repainted the inside, as I reported here?

Wet Sundays aren’t generally that nice, but in London, they do mean that you can often walk the streets of the City more or less totally by yourself.

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No Budget; Employ Students

In the depths of The Times is a story about a walk in the City of London, with the planning officer; Peter Rees.  This phrase caught my eye.

As we walk through the ornate arcades of Leadenhall Market he points to the rich roof decoration and says, “the Corporation had no budget for restoration, so I employed art students to do the job.”

Good lateral thinking. They did a very good job too!

The article also says that some of the best views of London are from the roof of One New Change, the new shopping centre in the City by St. Paul’s.  I must check! There’s more about it here.

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