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New Mobile Hydrogen Unit Unveiled By Logan Energy In Bid To Accelerate Greener Transport

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Fuel Cell Works.

This sums up the development, that has been unveiled by Logan Energy.

It is a compression trailer, that looks like it could be towed by any vehicle capable of towing a horse box.

  • The compressor can transfer hydrogen between any two cylinders at all the usual pressures.
  • It is aimed at both the bus and heavy goods vehicle market.
  • The hydrogen capacity of the trailer is not stated.

I feel that this sort of development will help operators embrace hydrogen.

A bus company for instance could have an appropriate number of trailers, for their fleet of hydrogen buses.

  • The bus company would need a suitable towing vehicle, like a light truck.
  • Trailers would be filled at an electrolyser outside of the city.
  • Each bus depot could have a space, where a trailer could be parked to fill the buses.
  • A schedule would probably need to be developed for filling the trailers.

We will see more developments like this.

But they will have to compete with companies like ITM Power, who can supply on-site electrolysers.



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