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Luton – An Unwelcoming Town For Coeliacs

On my visit to Luton station, I decided to take a walk to the town centre for some lunch.

I took these pictures.

Except for the town hall, I saw nothing of any architectural merit.

Gluten-Free Food In Luton Town Centre

If like me, you need gluten-free food, then I suggest you don’t go near Luton.

All I saw was two ageing sandwiches in the Marks and Spencer, which is closing on May the fourth.

If there’s a worse town in the UK, for gluten-free food, I haven’t found it.

Blackburn, Bardford, Crewe, Middlesbrough and Sunderland are all several times better.

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The Invisible Busway

I used to see the odd local news story about the Luton Dunstable Busway, when I lived in Suffolk, but it does seem to be rather invisible on the web. It does have a rather poor website, which doesn’t seem to be updated regularly, but information in Wikipedia is very limited. It’s just a section in Transport in Luton, under Current Developments. It does say that it opened in September 2013.

The only news story I can find is this one about low usage on the BBC.

Passenger numbers for the first month of the Luton and Dunstable guided busway were just 43% of those predicted for the £91m scheme.

Perhaps the busway hasn’t been given a high enough profile? The successful Cambridge busway, had a lot of publicity, although much of it proved the old adage, that no publicity is bad publicity.

Perhaps I should go for a look, but there is very little to draw me to Luton or Dunstable.

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