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How To Build A Station In Nine Months

This document on the Network Rail web site is entitled Highlights Of The Great North Rail Project.

There is this section which is entitled We Build A Railway Station In Just Nine Months.

It’s about the building of Maghull North station.

This is said.

Network Rail undertook the scheme on behalf of Merseytravel, appointing contractor Buckingham Group.

How did we deliver the station so quickly and carry out most of the works while keeping the railway line open? A head start, line access and a tight summer deadline.

Robert Grey, a project manager of infrastructure projects at Network Rail, said: “Nine months is quite short for a station… The restricting factor is the access. We had quite a bit of flexibility there. We had access for long weekends and a 12-day possession of the line after Christmas… Without those we’d still be there now.”

I also put it down to the Liverpudlian attitude, which in my experience seems to accept disruption to their lives without complaining too much and then joke about it, when it’s all over.

I was in Liverpool during the bus strike of 1968. where Liverpudlians just walked.

Some of this attitude would be of great help in sorting the problem of the Steventon Bridge in Oxfordshire. I wrote about this bridge at the end of The Stone Arch Railway Bridges Of Scotland.

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Maghull North Station – 29th June 2018

I went to the new Maghull North station today.

There are still a few things to do, like add the grass and complete the lifts, but the station is now operational.

Other issues include.

Car Parking

I have a feeling that this could be a station, where the car parks could be a victim of the station’s success. There weren’t many spaces today.

Car parking does appear to be free and a p[passenger who lives nearby, said that you can never park at Maghull station, which is the next station towards Liverpool.


There didn’t appear to be a kiosk of any sort.


I didn’t see a ticket machine and the ticket office was closed!


It looked to be a well-built and functional step-free station.

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Maghull North Station Gets Approval

This article in Rail Technology Magazine is entitled Green light given to Merseyrail’s new Maghull North station.

The following are points from the article about the new Maghull North station.

  • The new station forms a key part of the Sefton Council’s Local Plan.
  • The new station offers relief to Maghull station.
  • The new station will support development in the area.
  • The new station will have 156 car parking spaces.
  • The station has all the facilities passengers need.
  • The station design probably needs little work to the track and a few new signals.
  • Construction will start in August 2017, with opening expected in May 2018.
  • Visualisations show the station has two platforms outside the double-track, with lifts and stairs to both platforms.
  • The main station building is separate from the platforms and has level access to the footbridge.

The whole scheme is costing £13million.

I shall be looking forward to visiting the station, when it opens in sixteen months.

Thoughts On Revenue And Costs

It is interesting to note that Maghull station handles about 1.8 million passengers a year, who probably spend about an average of three pounds on a ticket, so the station could generate about £5million a year.

It is probably, a valid assumption to say that Maghull North station will generate a couple of million pounds a year in revenue.

But as it towards the end of the line and as the only station to the North with substantial traffic is Ormskirk, I suspect that the current four trains per hour service will handle the extra passengers from Maghull North station.

So after a quick look, I feel that Maghull North station could be paid for by the extra passengers and their revenue.

It should be born in mind, that a lot of things will and could happen to trains between Liverpool and Ormskirk.

  • From 2019, the line will see new Stadler trains, which will cut journey times and speed up station stops.
  • Trains may go from Liverpool to Skelmersdale via Ormskirk.
  • Trains may go direct from Liverpool to Preston, without a change at Ormskirk.
  • The Burscough Curves may be reinstated giving access from Ormskirk to Southport and Wigan.

All developments will generate passengers at both Maghull stations.

I hope the station design has left space to add more car parking.

Lessons For Other Station Proposals

I suspect for those, who took the decision to build Maghull North station, found it an easy decision to take.

  • The passenger demand is there.
  • The station can be built without a major blockade of the line.
  • New trains will be serving the station.
  • Related developments could increase the train frequency.

But most importantly, the station could be paid for from extra revenue.

How many other proposed stations fit these criteria?

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