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The Best Diplomatic Illness

It is being reported that because of illness to one of the Court staff, the Pistorius trial will be delayed until next Monday.

Hooray for him or her!

Any TV or radio station, that vowed to be a Pistorius-free zone, would get my eyes or ears!

It is not news, it’s a tragedy for all involved.

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The Oscar Pistorius And Vicky Pryce Cases

These two cases going through the Courts in South Africa and London, are in my mind not news and it is wrong they lead the BBC News.

The first is a tragedy for everyone involved and the second is a bit of political tittle-tattle that is all about the breakdown of a marriage, which went a lot more than wrong.

Why is the BBC wasting my licence fee on these sort of stories?  The cases should be left to the tabloids.

The third story, the rise in the number of employed in the UK,should have led the News.  Jobs are much more important than gossip.

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Jury Trials In South Africa

I was just listening to reports of the Oscar Pistorius case on the radio and was surprised to hear that there are no jury trials in South Africa. This explains, why much of the evidence against the athlete has been fully discussed in the media, as the case will be decided by a magistrate.

There’s more about juries in South Africa here. Juries were abolished in 1969, in the apartheid era.

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Pistorius Is A Bad Loser

Oscar Pistorius didn’t like losing as is reported here in the Guardian.

I suspect Usain Bolt doesn’t like losing either, as he did in Daegu.  But let’s face it, it happens and when it happens you should lose with as much good grace as you can find.

Pistorius has lost a lot of respect by his actions. Luckily, he’ll probably have the chance to make amends in other championships, just as Usain did.

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