The Anonymous Widower

Charming Deliveries And Servicemen To Arrive!

I was expecting my new bath to arrive this lunchtime, so I decided to have my lunch early so I wouldn’t be busy when they came. They arrived early just as I was finishing my food and drinking my coffee.

It never fails, when you are expecting a delivery or a serviceman.  Putting the kettle on always brings about the arrival.  Perhaps they have an  extremely good sense of smell and could retrain some as sniffer people for drugs or bombs.

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My Sense of Smell Seems To Have Returned

Surprisingly, over the last few days, my sense of smell seems to have returned. A lady next to me on a train was chewing spearmint gum and I really smelt it. I can’t say I’ve smelt spearmint that strongly since my stroke.

But that was only one incident out of several.

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