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Not The Best Shopping Trip!

I tried to do a bit of personal shopping today.  I need a couple of pairs of decent cord trousers and I want to get one of thse new-fangled tablet computers to see if I can blog on the move.

The only pair of trousers I tried on, were a pair in Armani with a button fly. And I hate button flies!

I’m also still no nearer to finding a tablet computer for my requirements.

In the end, I gave up and had a coffee and a snack in Carluccio’s before buying my supper in Marks and Spencer and coming home.

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This Place Doesn’t Know Its Gluten From Its Elbow

I was walking along Piccadilly, when I saw a restaurant called Cafe de Pierre.  It looked good, so I went in and asked about how coeliac friendly it was.

This Place Doesn't Know Its Gluten From Its Elbow

This Place Doesn’t Know Its Gluten From Its Elbow

I shouldn’t have bothered, as the waitress I spoke to had no idea, whether the food was gluten-free or not.

So coeliacs should probably give the restaurant a wide berth, until they get their act together.

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An Excellent Gluten-Free Snack

I do like polenta cake, but Carluccio’s one seems to be difficult to find, although they do happen to have a chocolate and coconut one.  But I’ve never liked coconut and especially those biscuits called Nice, which I think are Nasty. Today though the waitress offered me a  cioccolato fondente from the gluten free menu.

An Excellent Gluten-Free Snack

An Excellent Gluten-Free Snack

I shall be having one again.

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Rothschilds Buy Into Zopa

This news seems to be good for peer-to-peer lending and Zopa in particular.

Read about it here on The Bankwatch.

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Santa’s In Charge

I rode back from the Angel today on a New Bus for London.  The driver/conductor was dressed for Christmas. And for the weather!

Santa's In Charge

Santa’s In Charge

At least the red is compatible with London buses’ iconic colour.

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Charming Deliveries And Servicemen To Arrive!

I was expecting my new bath to arrive this lunchtime, so I decided to have my lunch early so I wouldn’t be busy when they came. They arrived early just as I was finishing my food and drinking my coffee.

It never fails, when you are expecting a delivery or a serviceman.  Putting the kettle on always brings about the arrival.  Perhaps they have an  extremely good sense of smell and could retrain some as sniffer people for drugs or bombs.

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DNA Sequencing On The NHS

This is due to be announced soon and it’s already here on the Downing Street web-site.

Sadly, it’s too late for my wife and son, who died of cancer in 2007 2010 respectively.

My wife had a squamous cell carcinoma of the heart, which is so rare and deadly, that I don’t think any new technique would have helped. The doctors at Papworth Hospital, where she was treated had never seen such a vicious cancer. Short of a transplant or an unexpected miracle nothing could have saved her.

In my son’s case of pancreatic cancer, his lifestyle hadn’t helped and he  might have stood a chance, if Trafford General Hospital where he was first treated in Manchester had picked it up earlier. As it is, they didn’t and Addenbrooke’s took their time too, as it was unexpected. Knowing what I know now, I would have got him to Cambridge earlier or taken him to Liverpool, where treatment of pancreatic cancer is a specialty.

So although the sequencing of cancer sufferers DNA will help in many cases, it wouldn’t have helped in their two cases, which were so tragic for my family.

What would have helped my son, would have been better diagnosis of his problem at an earlier date.

My wife went to the hospital fairly soon after she started running out of puff. She also led an exemplary life with regard to food, drink, not smoking and keeping very fit. Although that couldn’t be said for my son, who smoked heavily. And not just tobacco!

As an aside here, I am a coeliac.

This disease can be picked up by looking at the DNA.  So if DNA sequencing becomes commonplace, looking for hereditary diseases like this  may be a sensible and worthwhile use of the technique.

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The X Factor Winner Is Not News

The BBC has been reporting who won X Factor last night.

This is not news and why do we clog up the airways with things like this?

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My December Blues

I’ve been pretty down the last couple of weeks with my nose running like a drain and my left hand and foot feeling extremely cold.  Admittedly the weather hasn’t been good with very little sun. In fact the odd day of sunshine has cheered me up.

I’ve also improved myself a bit, by adjusting my heating so that it is on all day downstairs at say 20°C and letting the heat permeate upstairs to where my living room, kitchen and bedroom are. I then use the air-conditioning to keep the temperature at 20°C with as high a humidity as possible. Over the last few days, I’ve brought the temperature down a degree or two and now as I sit here typing it’s just 18°C with a humidity of 44%.

The biggest effect has been on my gut, to which I would give a rating of 8/10.  It’s not been like that much in my memory.

So I looked back at this blog to 2011, 2010 and 2009 and in my memory to other years.

In 2011, I found this post from December13th. I was obviously feeling down, but thought it was a tooth.  I had it out and life didn’t really get much better.  So was I suffereing similar December Blues.

In 2010, I moved on December 16th  Perhaps because of the excitement of moving I didn’t seem to be too low, but I had had a bad period in September.

2009 was the last year in which I had a December holiday. I went to Goa with an honourable lady and I felt very good.

2008 was pretty bad although I did have an excellent Christmas.

Obviously 2007 was awful as C had just died.

If I go back in time, I can remember two things.

C and I often had a weekend away in the autumn and a long holiday after Christmas.  She liked to be on call at Christmas, as it is a busy time for family barristers.

I also remember a discussion with my doctor, who thought I could be suffering from Seasonal Affected Disorder. I’ve also been told by an eminent cardiologist, that everybody needs a week in the sun around the turn of the year.

So perhaps the cure is in my own hands.

I should find a warm place with sun for a few days.

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