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Ben Wallace has just announced in the House of Commons, that Ukraine has received over three and a half thousand NLAW missiles and more are on the way.

This has appeared in the last few minutes on the Wikipedia entry for the Starstreak missile.

On March 9, 2022, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that the United Kingdom was looking into delivering Starstreak missiles to Ukraine, to prevent Russian air supremacy amid the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Both NLAW and Starstreak missiles are made by Thales in Belfast.

This YouTube video shows NLAW missiles including during training with Ukrainian forces.

Read the comments, of which this is an example.

In Ukraine the instructions on how to use NLAW is top trending content on Facebook and Instagram. Amazingly you can fit a comprehensive instruction on how to shoot a tank with NLAW in like 10 pictures with arrows and subtitles.

These missiles will change the face of defensive warfare.


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