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Searching for this Blog

As I said earlier, I’m now getting hits from Google.

I’ve just found that if I type venison redcurrant celeriac rosti into the search engine, the page I entered is second.  Now I know it is a rather specific search, but the recipe is printed on Waitrose venison, so I would have thought it would be on their web site.  It’s not!

The page on President Ahmadinejad’s Personal Hygiene is also being looked for and scores high too.

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This site sent me a reader and it says if you mention them, they’ll send you more traffic.

Let’s see if it happens, if I mention again.

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Shrieking and Shouting

I’m typing this as I’m watching a match at Wimbledon between two women players; Azarenka and Cirstea.

Why does Azarenka have to shreik all of the time?  It really does turn one off women’s tennis.  If I had nothing better to do, I’d use the Red Button on my Sky Box to find a man’s game!

It would appear that the punters at Wimbledon feel the same way I do about her.  The Centre Court is half empty.  Apparently, they booed her in Paris. The French have always had good taste.

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Italian Trains

Since my wife died, I’ve been to Italy three times.  And every time I’ve been I’ve used the trains.

Italian High-Speed Train

Italian High-Speed Train

On the first trip early in 2008, I flew to Venice and then took trains from there to Florence, from Florence to Naples and then back from Naples to Rome.  The first two trains I booked on the Internet by a link from the excellent train site,, to the Italian on-line booking site,, whilst the third was booked from a machine in Naples station.

In March this year, I took a train from Milan to Venice and then on my last trip, I took one from Lamezia up to Naples. All were booked on machines locally.

There were no problems either with the trains or the ticketing, other than that the site was very slow at one time and it resulted in them thinking my credit card had been nicked.  Because of this and because you don’t get any discount for advance or on-line purchases (I couldn’t find one!), I would recommend using the machines, either with a credit card or cash.  I had to use a €50 note in Lamezia as the machine was slow again.

But you get a reserved seat, coffee at a reasonable price if you want it and all at a price that would put Britain to shame.  And most of the trains I have used have been half empty!

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Dietary Specials Shortcrust Pastry

For lunch today, I had a hand-made Cornish pasty made from gluten-free pastry.  It was not bad at all, even if it was a little bit crumbly. But then if pastry is gluten-free it usually is!

The pastry is by Dietary Specials and I got mine from Sainsbury’s in Haverhill.

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Yesterday, we had this Rich and Creamy Tiffin from Waitrose for lunch.  It was more than enough for a snack for two, despite being labelled as being for one.  There is also a Hot and Spicy Tiffin.

Both are gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs.

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Where Have the Birds Gone?

I was on Newmarket Heath yesterday, with a racehorse trainer, who like me is a countryman.

Newmarket Heath has not changed much environmentally in centuries.  The link gives a history on the racecourse website.  The grass is mown fairly short and it is not fertilised with anything artificial.  The wildflowers are of a bigger variety than normal and there are hares (big bunnies) in abundance.  It’s importance as a wild life area is recognised in that it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

We wondered, if when everything is so constant, have a lot of the birds and especially the songbirds disappeared in recent years.

As someone, who has been on the Heath for over twenty years and knows it well, the trainer put it down to one thing – sparrowhawks.

Now the site of birds of prey is wonderful.  But so is the site of all the smaller birds that sing and give us so much pleasure!  It’s a tricky dilemma, but then if they’ve gone on Newmarket Heath, where conditions haven’t changed in centuries, it can’t be down to bad farming practices in that instance.

In my garden, I used to have lots of yellow hammers, swallows and pied wagtails.  They have become a lot less common in recent years.

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On-Line Pick-and-Mix

Woolies is back as an on-line store.

They’ve apparently got Pick-and-Mix.  With sounds as you drop the sweets into the bag.

I don’t eat sweets as I can’t be sure they don’t have the dreaded wheat maltodextrin in them.  Why can’t they use sugar?  It’s natural and safe.

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Dualling the A11

More on the local news about the costs and lack of dualling of the last piece of the A11 between London and Norwich.  It’s about time it was done, but then East Anglia is very much on this dreadful not-do-anything-for-them list, as we don’t have too many Labour MPs and virtually no councillors.

I drove up to the Norfolk coast yesterday and because it was Thursday, the traffic was not too great.  But try doing that journey in the rush hour or at the weekend!

Norwich needs to be connected by dual carriageway roads to Ipswich, Yarmouth, Peterborough and Newmarket.  On current progress, only Newmarket will ever be done and probably in about 2020.  If this was Scotland or the North of England, it would have been done years ago.

If I was to talk about trains, I could add that East Anglia gets everybody else’s cast off rolling stock.  But they do work pretty well, despite what you read in the papers.  Let’s have a decent Cambridge-Ipswich service.

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Queen’s Message to Murray

Trust good old Liz to do the right thing.

And she used a proper letter too!  But we all know that she does text too!

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