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A Walk To and Around the Kingsland Basin

I walked to the Regent’s Canal this morning and took a quick saunter to and around the Kingsland Basin.

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My Fourth Christmas Alone

That sounds bad, but the previous three were very good. In the first I actually helped out with the pensioners’ Christmas Dinner in Bury St. Edmunds and I think, if I’d been here a month or so, I’d have done something similar this year. In the intervening two years, I’ve spent it with either friends or family and today I shall be having lunch with my son and his friends.

One thing C and I always used to dread over Christmas was waking up to some really bad news, like the invasion of Afghanistan by the Russians, Cyclone Tracy, Taeyokale Hotel fire in Seoul or the Indian Ocean tsunami. The last was Boxing Day, but you get my jist.

So today we wake up to the news that a suicide bomber has killed dozens in an aid queue in Pakistan. As he died, the bastard who did it, didn’t even get any satisfaction to know that he done what he intended. But if that is what religion is about, then,  I’m on a better track in saying that outside of the humanity and downright goodness shown by most of the world’s great religions, the rest is all about bigotry and hate and is best avoided and certainly to be actively discouraged.

I think in part C and I’s apprehension about Christmas were caused by some of our own little disasters.  I think we ran out of gas at least twice, as we forgot to order it and on one Christmas the electric AGA died.  That won’t happen this year, as if my son’s cooker fails, he can put everything in a car and get here in ten minutes. He claims to know how my cooker works and I can muddle through, so dinner might be late but it will happen.

We did have a couple of frosty Christmases though concerning C’s mother, who at times could be a bit difficult.  I think I appreciate her problems more now, that I’m widowed myself.  One Christmas she was staying with us and the film on Christmas Eve was Five Easy Pieces.  She didn’t speak to us for forty-eight hours after that!  She was also with us when the AGA failed and that had a similar result.

The best Christmas in some ways we had with C’s mother was when she collapsed in our flat in the Barbican with heart trouble.  We felt really guilty, as she was taken into Bart’s Hospital, where they did a great job in sorting her out and giving her perhaps another ten years more of life, than she would have got otherwise.  She also enjoyed being in Hospital over Christmas, as they looked after her so well and she could tell everybody about all of the myriad medical problems she’d suffered with in her life.

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