The Anonymous Widower

In Search of Jack Nissenthal

In the web site on the BBC relating the story of Jack Nissenthal, it says that he was born in Cottage Row in Bow.

Yesterday, I decided to find out more.  searching the Internet, showed no trace of Cottage Row in Bow, so I took the bus to my nearest big library; the City of London, library in the Barbican Centre. There displayed in a cabinet was a map of poverty for London and a Cottage Grove could be easily seen in Bow Neighbourhood, but not a Cottage Row. My up-to-date A-Z didn’t show Cottage Grove at all. So the librarian and myself concluded that development had taken place and the street pattern had been changed. Rhondda Grove seemed to occupy the same place as Cottage Grove.

So it was a tube ride to Mile End station via Bethnal Green to see what I could find.

Rhondda Grove/Cottage Grove in Bow

This picture shows the end of Rhondda Grove. Note the Cottage Grove sign with a date of 1823.

It is a pleasant street now with most of the terrace and other houses now fully modernised. 

Rhondda Grove, Bow

There appeared to be not too many spaces or new properties, that would be typical of bomb damage.

So was this the street where Jack Nissenthal grew up?

I then went to Tower Hamlets Archive Centre in Bancroft Road just around the corner.

They did confirm from a 1920s London Street Atlas, that there was only one Cottage Row in London at the time of Jack’s birth and that was in South East London. Cottage Grove had not yet been renamed.  On searching the large scale maps of the area, I did find that the street seemed to have been renamed in the late nineteenth century.  There were also a few mews houses behind the street.  So could one of these been known locally as Cottage Row?

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Bethnal Green Tube Station

I had to go to East London today and took time out at Bethnal Green station.

Heritage Plaque at Bethnal Green Station

This plaque is the first I’ve seen in a London Underground station and gives details of the architecture.

We need a lot more.

I’d been to the station before, when my late son and his family lived nearby and knew a little about the wartime disaster at the station.

Memorial Banner and Flowers to the Bethnal Green Disaster

173 people died not from enemy action, but from a rush down the stairs to get into the station. A memorial has been designed and given planning permission.  For more details of the disaster and the memorial see here.

I hope this memorial to the worst disaster on the London Underground goes ahead.

Memorial Plaque to the Bethnal Green Disaster

At least there is a plaque outlining the disaster.

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The Queen’s In Control

The Queen has released a photograph of herself and her two youngest grandchildren riding together in Windsor Great Park.

It’s here on the BBC.

I’m glad to see The Queen is not wearing a hard hat!

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Careless Driving

It is being reported that the government is thinking about bringing in fixed penalties for careless driving.

As a pedestrian, I’d like to see careless  cycling, buggy pushing and obstruction placing dealt with in the same way.

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Limp Handshakes, Sincerity and Hank Wangford

They are talking about handshakes on BBC Breakfast this morning, after it had been reported that Ed Milliband has rather a weak one.

C and I always used to describe the United States as the Land of the Limp Handshake, as most of the people we seemed to meet on our travels there, performed it that way and also seemed to be quite insincere.

Sincerity brings me to possibly the funniest moment on BBC Breakfast. Some years ago, the incomparable Hank Wangford spoke about a product called Sincerity.  There was also an American on the program, who happened to be selling something that most notably wasn’t. C didn’t watch breakfast television after that episode, as she laughed so much, she nearly did herself some serious damage.

I’d thought that Hank had retired but apparently he’s still singing and practicing his own unique brand of medicine according to his web site.

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Beware of

I’ve got another of this nasty things this morning. This one was actually addressed to one of my main e-mails, so perhaps the spammers have modified them to make them more likely to get through. The structure of the e-mail always seems to be similar.

The title of those I have received is usually something like ORDER and a number.

All of the bodies are similar to this.

Dear customer.

Your order has been accepted. Your order reference is 94636.

Terms of delivery and the date can be found with the auto-generated msword file located at: zzz@zzzzzz.zzz

Best regards, Tel./Fax.: (168) 000 52 337.

Obviously the xxx’s and zzz’s obscure the danger. The zzz’s in one case were my e-mail address.

Note the phone number at the bottom, which doesn’t mean anything to me.

This form of the e-mail is the first I’ve seen.  It will change in the future, once the anti-virus companies get their systems updated to stop these e-mails.

The last e-mail I got used a domain registered in Germany.  The e-mail came from Russia.

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