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Beware Tesco Customer Surveys

I don’t shop at Tesco’s except to buy the odd EatNakd bar or a newspaper, so why should they ask me to fill out a customer satisfaction survey? Especially, as it was e-mailed from South Africa!

It’s nothing to do with Tesco and is probably a dangerous scam, so beware!

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An Unseen Advantage Of Peer-To-Peer Lenders

There are three main peer-to-peer lenders in the UK; Funding Circle, Ratesetter and Zopa and I have extensive filters and Google alerts that look for any fraudulent activity concerning these companies.

Have I just not found them, but I haven’t seen or heard of anybody trying to get access to any of their web-sites for illegal purposes. I’ve not even heard of anybody trying to hack Wonga either.

On the other hand I’ve had over thirty phishing attempts in the last few weeks to try to get into my non-existent Barclays account.

So are you at an advantage if you keep your savings with a peer-to-peer lender?

Certainly at present you are! But phishing attempts will come, even though I think they would be a very difficult scam to setup and target successfully.

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Why Would You Bank At Barclays?

Over my life, I’ve banked at Barclays at some times and I’ve never really had any complaints, although at times, I’ve had a bit of aggravation.

But looking at the spam, I’m getting, I wouldn’t be banking there now, as they seem to be the target of most of the phishing attempts, I’m getting in my Inbox.  In fact, I had six this morning and I think I’ve had about twenty in the last week.

One of the reasons I bank at Nationwide, is that they only send me two e-mails a month, to tell me my statements are ready. I even send those to an e-mail address, that I don’t use for anything else.

I do wonder if phishing Barclays accounts is more successful for criminals, as why would they target Barclays customers, rather than those say of First Direct, about whom I can’t ever remember receiving a phishing message.

I think I’ll keep all the bank phishing messages I get over the next week or so.

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Getting Fed Up With Tax Refund Spam

For the last few days, I had several of that old chestnut the Tax Refund Alert spam message.

Obviously, it must work with idiots out there as why do they persist, but now it is just boring.

It’s a pity, there isn’t a simple way to get back at idiots like this.

For those who phone me trying to scam me, I usually say can you phone me on my alternative number and give them a suitable alternative, like the Fraud Reporting Office of the Metropolitan Police.  They never phone back!

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A Clever Phishing E-Mail Supposedly From O2

I just received an e-mail supposedly from O2 asking me to change my user name. This is the body.

Hello ,
We recently asked you to change your O2 Username.
To change the username to email please click on this link below to confirm this email and finish changing your username.
To keep your details safe, this link will only work for 48 hours from the time it was sent, so please click it now.
Sorry, but we can’t write back to you from this address, so please don’t reply to it. If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Services.

I am a customer of O2, but I never access them on-line, so I was a bit puzzled to start with.  I then noticed it came to an old e-mail address, I only used for support on a company I owned. I then checked the headers and found that the e-mail came from Turkey.

It didn’t fool me, but it does show that phishing e-mails are getting more credible.

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Britain Is Becoming Less Violent

According to this report on the BBC about a report from the Institute for Economics and Peace, Britain is becoming a less violent place.

On the other hand, you do get different perceptions from talking to people.  Several times, when I say to someone, as I did last Saturday, that I live in Hackney, there is a general view that it is an area with crime and rioting all the time, and a generally low standard of living.

Since, I’ve moved to this area, I’ve not seen anything the least bit violent, an aggressive dog or anything to worry about. There was the tragic incident round the corner, where a young girl was run over by a hit-and-run driver, but she got off a bus and ran behind it to cross the road without looking, despite the fact, there is a light-controlled crossing a few metres away. I don’t think we can put that down to the area, as this sort of incident happens everywhere.

I think there has been one case of housebreaking in the area, where someone went out and left a window open.  There was certainly more petty thieving when I lived in rural Suffolk, than this area of Hackney.

The only crime, that appears to be common, is the con artists, who come up with all sorts of non-violent scams.  I think, the fake gold ring trick, has been tried on me, about four times in the last year, but only once in the local area. Another time was actually outside Selfridges.

But then, there have always been scammers and let’s face it the Internet is full of them!

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Fraudsters Are Targeting Wonga Customers

I have never used Wonga and I never will, but I received this e-mail supposedly from them this morning.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013

At, we sincerely value your opinions.
As part of our continuous improvement process, we’re conducting a survey to benchmark the opinions of our customers.

We will use the resulting information to better serve the needs of our customers.

We kindly ask you to take part in our quick and easy 3 questions customer survey. In return, we won’t charge you ANY INTEREST on your next loan application!

Here is how you proceed:
• Download your personal survey attached to this email.
• Select the desired answers on your survey.
• Log in to your account to validate your survey.
We thank you in advance for your time and effort in making Wonga the best payday lender in the United Kingdom.

Sincerely, Customer Service
Message ID:

I wasn’t sure if it was phishing spam or something from the company, which has used one of my e-mail addresses.

So I did what you should always do with this type of message and used Google to search for “Wonga 2013 2013 customer satisfaction survey”

I found this page. So it’s a phish and of course fraudulent!

In some ways it’s rather ironic, that a rather dodgy company in my view, is being used as a hook by criminals to get mugs for their frauds.

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A Pension Scam

I’ve also received a text message saying.

Hi, as you have a frozen pension, you can get a large cash payment within 4 weeks, to get it started today reply ‘CASH’ to this text.

It was unsigned. That told me it was a scam, as if my pension manager wants me urgently, he comes round on his bike, or gives me a call on the land-line.

The grammar is all wrong too.  one of the advantages of an education system, that no longer teaches how to form sentences correctly, is that it’s easier to spot frauds.

And my grammar isn’t perfect!

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They Don’t Even Stop On Christmas Day

I’ve just had one of those silly job offer messages from a Chinese company called BMT Chemicals.

Our company BMTChemicals CC requires international payment receiving agents. If you are interested in this position please write back with your Full name, Address and Phone number for more information. 

I can only guess what will happen if I replied. It certainly wouldn’t be beneficial to me.

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A Classic Phish

I received this today, purportedly from Vodafone.

Dear Customer,

You have a pending security update on your Vodafone account to protect you against online theft.

Kindly visit


The Vodafone Team

It’s been well setup, but it does exactly what you think.  It points to a fake site and probably steals all of your details.

It actually points to a site called which is registered by Jose Canyellas Vila, who gave details of.

LLuis Companys, 1 8-2
   Lleida 25003

It wouldn’t make any difference to me, as I’ve never had any account with Vodafone.

Nice one, Jose. All it meant that was your details are now with the guys with heavy boots and even heavier truncheons. You better get the toilet paper ready.  You’re going to need lots of it.

I’m not the first person to find Jose.  He’s mentioned on PhishTank.

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