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I’ve got another of this nasty things this morning. This one was actually addressed to one of my main e-mails, so perhaps the spammers have modified them to make them more likely to get through. The structure of the e-mail always seems to be similar.

The title of those I have received is usually something like ORDER and a number.

All of the bodies are similar to this.

Dear customer.

Your order has been accepted. Your order reference is 94636.

Terms of delivery and the date can be found with the auto-generated msword file located at: zzz@zzzzzz.zzz

Best regards, Tel./Fax.: (168) 000 52 337.

Obviously the xxx’s and zzz’s obscure the danger. The zzz’s in one case were my e-mail address.

Note the phone number at the bottom, which doesn’t mean anything to me.

This form of the e-mail is the first I’ve seen.  It will change in the future, once the anti-virus companies get their systems updated to stop these e-mails.

The last e-mail I got used a domain registered in Germany.  The e-mail came from Russia.

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