The Anonymous Widower

Boadicea Stands Guard

Standing guard opposite the Houses of Parliament is Boadicea, or as she is more normally spelled these days, Boudica.

Boadicea Stands Guard

She may or may not have defeated the Romans, as whatever happened they remained in Britain.

Her spirit lives on, especially in East Anglia.  She probably came from that region, although no-one is sure quite where!  I have heard several people say, including my father, that if the Germans had landed in Suffolk in the Second World War, they would have got similar treatment to that meted out by Boadicea and her ragbag army of upwards of 100,000 men. When questioned as to the legitimacy of this treatment under the Geneva Convention, a common reply was “What would Boadicea have done?” I don’t know the truth of all these reports, but I know Suffolk people well and they wouldn’t have taken an invasion lightly.

Some also say that her tribe, the Iceni, were the supreme horsemen, who when their horses were suffering from horse sickness, looked for a new and healthier place to raise them. They found this valley in the chalk downs and moved there, calling the place New Horse Market. In time this was corrupted to Newmarket.  The town is the world centre of horse racing and breeding, known amongst racing people as Headquarters.  Every thoroughbred can trace their ancestry back to this small town in Suffolk.

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