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Kangaroos in Walthamstow

I went to the Village Kitchen today in Walthamstow and had a kangaroo steak for lunch.

It was good!  And gluten-free too!

I’ve been skipping down the road since,  as a friend will confirm, as we met for a coffee afterwards at the Angel.

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Is Rick Perry What the United States Needs for President?

It is being reported that Rick Perry is seeking to gain the Republican nomination to stand against President Obama.

Let’s face it, he’s for capital punishment, the NRA and against  publicly funded health care to name just three issues.

He may not be good for the US, but just as with other right-wing  presidents of the past, it may well mean that the rest of the world benefits from immigration of some of the United States brightest thinkers, scientists, doctors and engineers.

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To a Reception at the House of Lords

Last night, I went to a reception for Liverpool University alumni at the House of Lords.

It was an excellent do, with drinks and nibbles, some of which were gluten-free,  in the Peers Dining Room hosted by Lord McNally.

In some ways afterwards was the highlight, as a small group of about eight of us, walked out through an empty, except for one security guard, Westminster Hall. We asked if it would be OK to take a picture and several of us did.

An Empty Westminster Hall

It really is a magnificient building.

Never when I was lying in hospital in Hong Kong, did I think, I’d ever be able to go to something like that again.

So never give up on life! You might miss the good surprises it has in store for you!

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Boadicea Stands Guard

Standing guard opposite the Houses of Parliament is Boadicea, or as she is more normally spelled these days, Boudica.

Boadicea Stands Guard

She may or may not have defeated the Romans, as whatever happened they remained in Britain.

Her spirit lives on, especially in East Anglia.  She probably came from that region, although no-one is sure quite where!  I have heard several people say, including my father, that if the Germans had landed in Suffolk in the Second World War, they would have got similar treatment to that meted out by Boadicea and her ragbag army of upwards of 100,000 men. When questioned as to the legitimacy of this treatment under the Geneva Convention, a common reply was “What would Boadicea have done?” I don’t know the truth of all these reports, but I know Suffolk people well and they wouldn’t have taken an invasion lightly.

Some also say that her tribe, the Iceni, were the supreme horsemen, who when their horses were suffering from horse sickness, looked for a new and healthier place to raise them. They found this valley in the chalk downs and moved there, calling the place New Horse Market. In time this was corrupted to Newmarket.  The town is the world centre of horse racing and breeding, known amongst racing people as Headquarters.  Every thoroughbred can trace their ancestry back to this small town in Suffolk.

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Carve Her Name With Pride

I was walking along the Albert Embankment yesterday opposite the Houses of Parliament, when I saw this statue.

SOE Memorial

It is of Violette Szabo GC, who was one of the  best known of the 170 SOE agents who went to France to as Churchill put it “Set Europe Ablaze”.  117 of those sent died including thirteen women. Violette Szabo was just 23, when she was executed in Ravensbruck.

A film was made about Violette in 1958 called Carve Her Name With Pride starring Virginia McKenna.  Hence the title of this post.

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A Dent In The Olympic Rings

I took this picture yesterday at St. Pancras International station.

A Dent in the Olympic Rings

I wasn’t tall enough to get the clock in the centre of the ring.

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King’s Cross Has Got Its Hat On!

I walked from King’s Cross to St. Pancras and the new roof can now be clearly seen and looks almost finished.

It’s certainly going to be much better than the old west facade damaged by German bombing in 1941.

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