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Looking For Maiden Lane Station

After reaching York Way, I carried on going north, with the intention of seeing, if I could find any trace of the old Maiden Lane station on the North London line.

It was quite a walk and I think those who are proposing that the station be reopened to serve Kings Cross Central are mistaken. On the other hand reopening York Road Underground station, shown in the pictures, might be a possibility.

So did I find any trace of Maiden Lane station?  There’s just a little of it left by a railway bridge. After I took these pictures, I took the North London line past the spot and couldn’t see anything by the track-side.

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King’s Boulevard

These pictures show the new King’s Boulevard which leads from King’s Cross station to the Central St. Martins College of Art and Design.

It is the first part of the development at Kings Cross Central to be completed. Note the maps, which set a whole new standard.

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The New Kings Cross Starts to Appear

I took these pictures today and they show how the new Kings Cross station is starting to appear.

There is more about what is going on here.

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The Labyrinth That Is Kings Cross

Kings Cross St.Pancras is not a very passenger friendly tube station.

They have put in two new Underground ticket halls in the past few years; one in front of St. Pancras station and one between Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations.

Sometimes I arrive at Kings Cross on say the Northern or Victoria lines and want to get out on Euston Road.  Often I fail and end up at the back of the station, when I want the front. So I have a long walk along crowded corridors to get to where I originally wanted. Sometimes, I have to brave the waiting area at the front of the station, which is a pedestrian’s nightmare.

Waiting at Kings Cross

This picture was taken today, but it shows how people and masses of baggage seem to turn up an hour or so before their train leaves and just block the space.  Hopefully, when they finish the station, people will wait in a better place.   Also, as I said here, I do wish they’d give you a series of alerts about your train, so you could wait say in Starbucks with a coffee in comfort. After all if Transport for London can do it for buses with a simple text, Network Rail can do it for individual trains, especially, if you ask for it when you buy the ticket on-line.

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Roof Clutter

This house is near to where I live.

Roof Clutter

There has been a lot of controversy about whether the solar panels they have installed should be allowed. You can just about see them.  But surely the real eyesores are the television aerials, satellite dish and the overhead wires to bring in the phone lines!

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92 Clubs – Week 7 – 5 Clubs – 9 Trains, 1 Tram

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Day 43 Day 44 Day 45 Day 46 Day 47 Day 48

So it’s all done now!

As there was only five clubs, the highlights of the week are thin on the ground.

Best Signposted Stadium of the Week

Wimbledon was the easiest to find, as I just got on a bus and waited until, Kingsmeadow was announced. It is one of only a few stadia, which are announced on the buses. Only London stadia can be announced on buses and a few are, although others have their own stations.

Worst Signposted Stadium of the Week

This has to be a joint award to Wycombe and Yeovil. I hardly saw a sign to any of the grounds, that would help a walker or a driver.

Most Surprising Town of the Week

Wolverhampton surprised me.  The ground is fairly close to the centre and easily walkable from either the station or the tram. There’s even an underpass under the busy ring road connecting the ground to the town centre. Quite a few grounds need these. surely, they mean that fans can get a meal or a drink in the centre before or after the match. I seem to remember seeing a report, that the proximity of Portman Road to Ipswich town centre, was worth millions a year to the town.

Dump of the Week

I know Yeovil has evolved over time and totally sold itself to the car, but surely they could do much better. I would be repeating myself endlessly, if I added to what I said on Day 48.

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Clearing Out The Spam

Every morning, I spend a minute or so emptying the spam from this blog. Today it was all about acne. I’m sure that this complaint doesn’t bother, the people who read my posts.

It looks like from the pattern, that it has been added manually.  So as I delete it all, it must be the world’s most unrewarding job.  And probably worst paid too!

I should say, though that the spam filter in WordPress finds it all and quarantines it. So emptying it, is just two clicks and it doesn’t really matter, if I don’t do it that often.

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