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US’s Legacy To German Pharmacist

Obviously, it a day for German stories, this one was on the BBC.

But at least it proves there’s nothing wrong with American lard, no matter how old it is.

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Hitler’s Possible Legacy for CrossRail

It is being reported that they are searching the Connaught Tunnel for any legacy of unexploded bombs from the Second World War, before they rebuild the tunnel for CrossRail.

Suppose they did miss a small one and it did a little bit of damage to one of CrossRail’s German-built TBMs.

It would be embarrassment all round!

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When Was The Last Time the Met Police Commissioner Patrolled on a Horse?

At Tuesday night’s football at White Hart Lane, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe was part of the mounted force policing the match. It’s here in the Metro.

It’s not the first time though that Hogan-Howe has been at a high-profile event on a horse in uniform. This is an extract from a report in the Guardian.

One of Bernard Hogan-Howe’s greatest pleasures as chief constable of Merseyside police was riding through the crowds on horseback at the Grand National. It gave him the chance to pursue his passion for horse-riding while also soaking up the very particular atmosphere of Aintree.

I’ve always felt that horses are an interesting part of a Police Force’s tools. If of course they are used properly.

But I do wonder who was the previous high-ranking Police Officer who patrolled on horse in London?

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Angelo Dundee!

Angelo Dundee has died and that is sad.

The BBC has shown a clip from the famous Henry Cooper/Cassius Clay fight, where Cooper hit Clay with half a house and dumped him on his bottom. In this clip, Dundee is seen in the ring with a fag in his mouth.

How times have changed! Would any of the audience be allowed to smoke now, let alone the trainers of one of the fighters?

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The Beast of Woodchester

According to this report on the BBC, the so-called big cat in Woodchester Park doesn’t exist, as only fox DNA can be found.

What a pity for Woodchester Park!

Instead of being the centre of a media storm, with satellite trucks everywhere and every Tom, Dick and Harriet ready to be interviewed by reporters from Iceland to India, some proper scientific research has left them with precisely nothing.

They will have to find some other ruse to get visitors to their oh-so boring part of the country.

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The Luckiest Footballer Alive

Former Tottenham midfielder Hossam Ghaly, was lucky not to be involved in the rioting in Port Said, despite playing for one of the teams involved.  Apparently, he’d been sent off before the trouble started and was in the dressing room.

Can there have been a better time and place to get a red card?

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