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Pfizer Booster Dose Offers Exceptionally High Levels Of Protection Against Covid And All Variants, Study Shows

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the Independent.

The title says everything except that the protection is 95.6 % from a study of 10,000 people.

How are the anti-vaxxers going to explain that one away?

Perhaps if the old one-two works in boxing, it also works with vaccines.

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Two Blue Plaques In Cable Street

I generally note the blue plaques I pass, as I walk around. This morning, I was on the way to pick something up in the area and passed two.

The Angel Of Cable Street

The Angel Of Cable Street

Hannah Billig seems to have been a remarkable doctor.  But then she was awarded a George Medal for courage and bravery in the Blitz and she was called the Angel of Cable Street.

Jack Kid Berg

Jack Kid Berg

This plaque to Jack Kid Berg was a hundred metres or so further on. He seemed to have had an good and long life.

I also seem to remember that along with Ted Kid Lewis he was one of my father’s sporting heroes.

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History Repeats Itself

One of the classic tales about Ted Kid Lewis, is that late one night, he was walking home through the East End, after a function and he was set upon by four thugs. As he despatched the last into the gutter, he produced his visiting card and dropped it on the attacker.

And now a group of thugs have tried to nick Amir Khan‘s Range Rover in Birmingham! It’s reported here in the Telegraph.

In this attack, the report says that there were about six thugs, but then Amir had his brother, Haroon, who is another boxer with him.

Apparently, the thugs didn’t make a complaint to the Police.

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Boxing At The ExCel Arena

On Friday, I went to the ExCel Arena to see some boxing.

It was the first time, I’d seen amateur boxing, or in fact any type of boxing live. One vivid memory at about the age of about eight was seeing the UK, whitewash the United States, ten-nil on the television one evening. In that match, Billy Walker knocked-out the giant Cornelius Perry with one punch. The story is in Billy’s Wikipedia entry.

The last few pictures show Freddie Evans progressing to the last eight.

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Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Like the Jail Food

Then he shouldn’t have beaten his wife.  It’s here in the Telegraph.

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Burglars Pick On Wrong Pensioner

Two thugs hit Michael Mather, 77, over the head and tried to burgle him.  But they had done their research badly and hadn’t found out he’d sparred with Henry Cooper and the Krays. They didn’t come out of it well, as the Standard reports.

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A Fiesty Debate In Paris

It would appear that it was a feisty debate in Paris between President Sarkozy and his challenger, Francois Hollande.  But no one got in a knock out blow.

Now there’s an idea!

Perhaps the two of them, should meet in the boxing ring!

It would be a world-wide TV hit!

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Angelo Dundee!

Angelo Dundee has died and that is sad.

The BBC has shown a clip from the famous Henry Cooper/Cassius Clay fight, where Cooper hit Clay with half a house and dumped him on his bottom. In this clip, Dundee is seen in the ring with a fag in his mouth.

How times have changed! Would any of the audience be allowed to smoke now, let alone the trainers of one of the fighters?

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A Small Punch Up At The Olympic Park

I was down the Olympic Park today and a boxing ring had been setup.

Boxing at the Olympic Park

But as you can see it wasn’t a normal fight. The British Olympic hopefuls for 2012, were joined by two of the British team from 1948.

The banter was funny, but the two eighty-year-olds were in superb nick. They were complaining though that they had to train for 1948 in an era of rationing. One was wearing his 1948 team blazer.

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How Things Have Changed

Tonight I saw a friend back to the bus stop.  Whilst waiting a guy came past, who’d obviously been to Royal Ascot, as he was fully dressed complete with a black top hat.

It just shows how you can gwnerally walk the streets dressed in any manner you want.  It reminded me of how C and I used to walk back from University balls in Liverpool, through Princes and Sefton Park to the Halls of Residence, in dinner jackets and long dresses.

But it wasn’t so long ago, when to do something like that would have been to attract all the wrong sort of attention.

There is always the story of Ted Kid Lewis, who was possibly London’s greatest ever boxer, walking home smartly dressed,  before the Second World War in the East End and being set upon by four thugs. As he knocked the fourth out, he produced his visiting card and dropped it on his attacker.

I don’t know whether my father ever saw Lewis fight, but I can remember him telling me the tales of the Aldgate Sphinx.

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