The Anonymous Widower

Uncovering The Tiles

The shop opposite me used to be a dairy or something similar and it is being restored.

I suspect that the crass idiot who overpainted the tiles was a relation of the Gerry, who built my house.

It’s proving to be a hard job removing the paint. But it’s one of those jobs, that when it’s finished will be worth it.

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More Mice From God?

I don’t know what our friend from yesterday would say about this story in tonight’s Standard! Perhaps the mice were feeling cold and needed somewhere to bed down and the actress’s cleavage beckoned.

But they would have had to cross the river!

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Mice in Tesco Was Plague From God

This article in the Standard, entitled,  Mice plague ‘God’s reply’ to gay gift, is about a religious zealot, who claims that God got back at Tesco because they backed London’s Gay Pride march.

How ridiculous! Did God ring him up and tell him? Or does God have a Facebook or Twitter account?

Has anybody asked God, if he or she is gay and got an answer that can be proven?  After all, if there is only one God, they could be gay, straight or bi-sexual and probably wouldn’t know.  But if they are the only one, they are definitely lonely.

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Where Is Denis Howell When You Need Him?

Sadly Denis Howell, who was appointed Minister for Drought in 1976 during one of the last major droughts in the UK has died. Immediately, after his appointment, it rained with a biblical force.

Who shluld the government appoint?

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I Had Another Spasm In My Arm Yesterday

At lunch time yesterday, I went to a meeting, where I sat in a chair with wooden arms, not unlike the ones I have where I sit at my computer.

As I walked to the bus, I felt that my arm was  starting to do what it did a couple of weeks ago. It obviously wasn’t as bad and I decided to continue to my dental appointment at Notting Hill.

Luckily, the spasm seemed to die down in the bus, so I changed my plan and instead of going to Bank, I went to Kings Cross for the Circle line, as if it got worse I could get off at Euston Square for the hospital.

But it behaved itself and nothing further happened.

I should say that in the morning, I’d had physio on the arm and my physio had felt it wasn’t too good.

I’ve now decided to move my physio appointments to later in the day, as the problems seem to happen around lunchtime, after the arm has been working hard or lying in a particular way on a hard service.

I’ve also taken the decision to not sit in a chair, with my hand on the arm.

Thinking back over the last thirty years or so, most of my sitting has either been in a swivel office chair with a padded arm or on a hard stool. I’ve gone back to using the hard stool most of the time.

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