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Will There Be A Sports And Arts Bounceback As There Was After World War II?

This may be optimism, but after World War II, all sports had massive attendances, and I wonder if the same thing will happen, when we get a 100 % reliable vaccine against the covids?

There was even a great desire for fun during the war, as this news item on British Pathe, which is entitled Wartime Derby at Newmarket 1941 shows.

There are several horse racing videos of this period on YouTube.

Perhaps, the proximity of Newmarket to the major fighter base at Duxford, meant that the Luftwaffe didn’t feel safe to attack Newmarket in daylight? Or their intelligent was bad.

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Where Do Vets Go For Their Christmas Outing?

I’ve just been talking on-line to a vet and their practice is going to see Cats?

I’ve never seen it myself!

In fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a show this year!

I don’t like going alone, as you’ve no-one to talk about it with afterwards.

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Sequins On My Balcony

I went to see this entertainment at the Rosemary Branch last night.

To say it was uplifting would be an understatement, but to anybody who’s been affected by breast cancer either personally or through a family member or friend’s suffering, Yvette Cowles  got it absolutely right in my view.  I have never had any cancer, that I know of, but what Yvette  said about fighting breast cancer, could have applied so much to C and her successful fight against her lump.

Nothing though, helped in C’s unsuccessful fight against the cancer that killed her.

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Not Monaco, But Hackney!

I took this picture in the sun this morning.

Not Monaco, But Hackney!

Not Monaco, But Hackney!

As you can see the location is rather given away by the Hackney Empire.

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A Bad Day For Living Alone

Today is probably not going to be a good day. It’s going to rain all day and the football is in Blackpool, the town with the streets paved with vomit.  I suppose the heavy rain forecast for the cess-pit of the Lancashire coast, will clean it up a bit, but it’s not the weather to visit a town without any gluten-free food.

So I’ll just stay here and listen to the radio in between watching the football on Sky.

I can’t even go to bed, as I don’t have a lady to make it more comfortable.

At least with the cafe opposite, I can go there and have a coffee in between the rain showers.

I think I’ll look for a matinee at the theatre. At least, I can catch the 38 bus from round the corner direct to Shaftesbury Avenue.  Singing in the Rain anybody?

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The New Buses Are Back

I saw two at the Angel today and actually took one home.

The New Buses Are Back

Note that every one is now advertising a London show. They only seemed to disappear for the rehearsal of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.  I suspect each one is advertising a particular show and will the cast of each be getting out and doing a turn. After all London is the theatre capital of the world.

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Comparing Two Chariots of Fire

I finally got to see the film this lunchtime at Cineworld in West India Quay.

So how do the two interpretations of the same story compare?

Obviously, in the film there is more action and of course period scenes done with all the care of a master film-maker.

But the play is a very good interpretation in its own right, with a track running through the audience.  The only other show, where I saw a similar device was Siegfried and Roy in las Vegas.  But their track was for tigers not runners. I incidentally had seat J8 in the stalls, which was right by the action.  there are also seats on the back of the stage and inside the track at the front of the stalls.

What surprised me was that the words were virtually identical between the film and the play, although the play had extra scenes inserted to compensate for the lack of filmed sequences.

I enjoyed both and would recommend seeing both in a short space of time, as I have done.

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Two Chariots of Fire

I’m off in a minute or so to see the new stage play of Chariots of Fire.

Then hopefully, it’ll be to the cinema to see the newly-re-released film.

What a way to tee-up the Olympics! Sadly alone!

I did run out of time as the play was longer than I thought.  So it was either go hungry and rush half-way across London or come home and eat and see the film tomorrow or later in the week.

I chose the latter, especially as that allowed me to have a soaking in my dreadful bath.

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I Tend To Live Life in the Wonderful World of my Head, Where Every Day the Sun Shines

The title of this post is from a leader in today’s copy of The Times and it was said by Eric Sykes, who died yesterday. His obituary was also felt by the paper to be worth two pages.

Has there ever been a comedian and scriptwriter, who succeeded so well, against all of the odds?

C and I once saw him in the theatre in the play, Run for your Wife, where he appeared in his eighties, despite being totally deaf and virtually blind. An absolute tour de farce!

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My First Time on Stage

Surprisingly, a few weeks from my 65th birthday, I went on a theatrical stage for the first time last night.

On Stage at the Hackney Empire

It was a fundraising event for the Hackney Empire. The picture doesn’t really do justice to the interior of the theatre.

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