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It’s Swimwear Buying Time Again

Judging by this picture of a London bus, it’s time to buy swimwear again.

H&M Swimwear Advert on a London Bus

Not me, as I don’t swim. And the advert wouldn’t apply to me personally, as I’m a man.

My late wife, C, was a manic and enthusiastic swimmer to say the least and every day before work, she’d swim umpteen lengths in the pool at Bedford Lodge Hotel in Newmarket. She used to wear out Speedo Endurance swimsuits regularly, and I used to watch eBay for when last year’s models were sold off for here. Do professional swimmers have suits and trunks made out of something more long-lasting, or does the sponsor just pay?

I remember in 2007, which was the year she died, that C decided she needed some summer clothes and that of course meant swimwear. Since her breast cancer a few years before, she always felt that she must look the best fifty-year-old on the beach, not out of vanity, but more to stick two fingers up to the cancer.  Although, she was probably two polite to do that other than metaphorically.

So she bought tickets on easyJet and one Friday in April we took the plane to Nice and checked in at the Hotel Windsor, which is much recommended. We had a marvellous weekend in the sun.

It was the first of seven holidays that we took in that fateful year before she died in December of a cancer totally unrelated to that in her breast.

My biggest memory of that holiday, is that C decided to buy a couple of bikinis for the summer.  So we headed to Gallerie Lafayette and for a couple of hours, she tried on most that were suitable in the shop, whilst I passed what I thought might be suitable or a different size over the door of the changing room. It was a difficult job, but someone had to do it. They got hard work that last summer she was alive.

The picture shows C on the beach on the island of Panarea. I think you can just see that she was wearing nail polish, something she rarely did except on holiday.

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