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Is There A Case For A mini-Peer-to-Peer Lender?

By all accounts, the lender of last resort, Wonga, is successful, despite the fact that it lends money at extortionate rates to those who shouldn’t really be borrowing money.  On the other hand, the major peer-to-peer lenders, like Zopa, Funding Circle and Ratesetter, go from strength-to-strength and continue to gain plaudits from financial commentators.

If the peer-to-peer lenders have a problem, it is the perceived entry level, where potential investors like the concept, but are put off by not wanting to put several thousand pounds at risk.

So could the parameters of the peer-to-peer model be modified to borrow smaller amounts and lend it to out in dribs and drabs as payday loans?

I’m not sure, but it would be a much more ethical way of satisfying the market and possibly educating the borrowers as well.

You’re probably venturing very close to a completely automated credit union.

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It Must Be The Silly Season!

I’m getting masses of spam, trying to get me to join casinos. I haven’t seen it at this level for a couple of years.

They say there’s one born every minute, but it would appear that most of them are promoting on-line casinos. I suppose it could be due to a large number of unemployed kids, who’ve just left university and this is the only job they can get.

It’s so sad really.

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The Unknown Sprinter

Unless you live in London and regularly watch the local BBC News, you won’t know of Adam Gemili. It appears too, that the Olympic Accreditation Department didn’t either, as they got his picture wrong on his ID.

He runs on Saturday morning in the heats of the hundred metres.

I don’t think he’ll be unknown for long! Even Tyson Gay thinks he’s very good.

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Arise Sir Bradley

If after his exploits this year in the Tour of France (It’s the Anglo-Saxon’s now!) and then his untouchable performance in the Olympic time-trial yesterday, where he made a world-class field look like amateurs, he must be odds-on to be knighted in the near future. The web certainly thinks so.

Would he be the first Sir Bradley?

Searching the Internet only finds an anti-gay evangelical Christian web-site, a US wrestler called Sir Bradley Charles and a Sir Bradley Avenue in Sacramento, California.  In my book only the last one has any credence.  So who was it named after?

So I think he would be the first Sir Bradley!

There of course a lot of sites saying he should be knighted.

For different reasons, such as his part in bringing the Olympics to London, it can’t be long before Her Majesty corrects the mistake the Greeks made over David Beckham, by adding a knighthood to his name.

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