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Coeliac Disease And Atrial Fibrillation

I’ve got both and according to this study, if you have coeliac disease, you’re more likely to have atrial fibrillation.

Which I’ve got and is generally considered by my doctors to be the cause of my strokes

This is another problem to add to a long list of those caused by coeliac disease.

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One For The Freezer

I like a fish pie and use a recipe from Jamie Oliver to cook a big one for a party.

Yesterday I had a fish pie from Waitrose for my supper.

A Waitrose Fish Pie For One

Last night’s was so good so today, I bought another one and put it in my freezer.

It may not be as good as mine, but at least it’s gluten free, readily available and in the double size it would be ideal for entertaining a lady. Not that I’m being lucky in that area at the moment! But then who wants a wreck with a gammy left hand, poor eyesight, a stubborn mind and no driving licence? But I do have a little bit of what attracted Debbie McGee to Paul Daniels. I’m also taller than Mr. Daniels with more hair! So I’m not giving up yet!

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The Angel Was Like A Morgue

I went up to the Angel as I usually do  and it was like a morgue. There was only myself and one other in the queue in Starbucks and I got my preferred window seat. I didn’t see anything worth photographing for the blog.

Waitrose was empty too and I think the staff were lonely, as many talked to me, whilst they were stacking shelves and looking for items.

There weren’t any chuggers or smokers outside the shopping centre!

And of course the bus was virtually empty coming home.

Perhaps, some big event has finished and everybody has left. The bus doing press-ups has gone too!

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The Olympics Cut Crime In London

Figures show that crime fell by five percent during the Olympics.  Read all about it, here in the Daily Telegraph.

On a similar vein, the BBC in London has just announced that London Ambulance had a quiet time.  Come to think of it, I’ve only seen the Air Ambulance once in the last couple of weeks. It tends to pass over, where I live.

In fact, although I’m not that far from the Olympic Park, I have hardly seen any helicopters at all; police, military, ambulance or otherwise.

Let’s hope it continues. I’m not bothered about the noise, but it just means that crime and serious accidents are a a low level.

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