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Marshgate Lane Revealed

This is the first time, I’ve been on Pudding Mill Lane station and could get a reasonably clear view of where Marshgate Lane goes under the Greenway and the Northern Outfall Sewer into the Olympic Park.

Marsh Gate Lane Revealed

As I said here, it was a complicated and expensive job.  Also,because of European Union rules, it had to be open to all EU companies. It was a fixed price contract and it was won by the Germans.  Rumours abound that Marshgate Lane lived up to its name and they didn’t make the profit they expected.

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Pudding Mill Lane Station – 18th September 2012

I went to Pudding Mill Lane DLR station to see how things were progressing with CrossRail and the construction of the new station.

A senior person in the DLR told me, that it will be two years before the new station is fully open.  But then it will be a double-track line all the way past the station on the way to Bow Church station.

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Why Are These Containers On the London Overground?

The North London Line of the London Overground is not only a passenger route, but a main freight artery.

Why Are These Containers On the London Overground?

As I waited at Homerton station today, this long train of boxes passed through.

Many of these trains are going to and from the Port of Felixstowe and the West Coast Main line.  As the North London line, is the only electrified route between the Great Eastern Main line and the West Coast Main line, there is virtually nowhere else the trains can go.

The main new route will be a more direct line from Felixstowe to Nuneaton. But this route is not complete yet and there are no plans to electrify it, so it may need an engine change or two.  It also requires reversing at Ipswich, due to the nature of the track layout, where the Felixstowe branch joins the main line.

There is also an alternative route via the Gospel Oak and Barking line of the London Overground.  This takes four freight trains an hour and by-passes eight stations on the North London line. But unlike the North London line, it is not electrified.

This problem is going to get worse when London Gateway, a new port on the Thames east of London starts operating in late 2013. Trains to and from London Gateway will probably feed in directly to the Gospel Oak and Barking line, via the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway.

As to the size and number of trains, read this press release from DB Schenker, who will be handling the rail traffic. Here’s an extract.

The agreement will see DB Schenker Rail introduce at least four rail freight services a day (four in, four out), subject to volumes, and will serve a range of inland terminals including potential new UK locations. Additional rail freight services will be introduced in the future. 

DB Schenker Rail will also pursue the development of rail freight services from London Gateway to mainland Europe using the Channel Tunnel.

Something most certainly needs to be done! In the meantime, I certainly wouldn’t buy a house that backed on to either the North London or Gospel Oak to Barking Lines.

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Should The UK Reinstate The Death Penalty?

Today in Manchester, two young female police officers, were shot dead by a man wanted for murder.

It is the worst murder of members of the police since 1966. At that time, when Harry Roberts and two others, shot dead three policemen, I was serving in a pub in North London.

The mood in the pub that evening was sombre and one of horror. Few suggested that the recent abolishment of capital punishment the year before was to blame.  Although a couple did get shouted down, for proposing thoughts about dead policemen.

Remember too, that it was soon after the Hanratty case, which did a lot to discredit the death penalty in the UK, as many believed Hanratty to be innocent.

I suspect that like in 1966, there will be a lot of discussion tonight and generally despite the sex and age of the victims, I suspect there will not be a large groundswell of support for the return of the death penalty.

There does appear to be one big difference between the murders today and that of those in 1966. Harry Roberts went and hid from the police, whereas Dale Cregan today, just walked into a police station and gave himself up. Perhaps he understood the horror, of what he had done, whereas Roberts didn’t! If Cregan did, we’ve moved on in the forty plus years.

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Homerton Hospital

I’d never been to Homerton Hospital until this morning, although I did have my vasectomy in a private capacity at the old Hackney Hospital.

Today though, I needed my INR to be tested, as I’m changing doctors.

My main reaction was that I was pleasantly surprised and how professional they were. I was on the train to Stratford and Eastfield, forty-five minutes after arriving at the hospital.

The INR result was what it should be too!

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Those New Exams

I suspect, that in twenty years time, we’ll look back and say that Michael Gove’s proposed changes are wrong.

I say this because my youngest son, was the in the first year to take GCSEs exclusively. The teachers didn’t know how to teach for the new exams and the results were bad.

If change is needed, it should be gradual, not stepwise.

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Romney Drops Himself In It!

Mitt Romney has some interesting views on those who vote for Obama. Read about them here on the BBC.

Now Mormon Mitt is the sort of politician, I wouldn’t vote for.  But lets hear his views on Iran, the death penalty and that viral video attacking Islam.

But with a few more gaffs like yesterday, I suspect he’ll lose the election.

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