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Pret A Manger Set A Dangerous Precedent

According to this article on the BBC, Pret A Manger have set a dangerous precedent by caving in to religious pressure, as I believe it will open up companies for all sorts of silly challenges.

When I used to serve in a pub in the 1960s, everybody knew that a Virgin Mary was a non-alcoholic version of the alcoholic Bloody Mary.

A few months ago I saw a sign advertising a Bolly Mary in a restaurant, which was a curry with vodka.

It’s not as though Pret A Manger were using the name on an unwholesome product, laced with lashings of alcohol.

I suspect that quite a few Virgin Mary cocktails have been drunk tonight.

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Fyra Replaced By Slow Train To The Hague

This article from the Europe by Rail web site is a lesson to all those politicians and civil servants, who think they understand the transport needs of the general public. This is the first paragraph.

The Belgian Railway authorities this afternoon announced the return of old-style InterCity services from Brussels to stations in the Netherlands. This is to provide some kind of replacement for the short-lived FYRA service, introduced in December 2012 and then withdrawn last month.

The service has actually lasted less than two months.

There is also a sting in the tail of the article.

Meanwhile, coach operators have spotted a gap in this busy cross-border market. One company starts a new express link from Rotterdam to Brussels early next month.

After all, the UK has a large network of long distance coach services that compete with rail, so why not between Brussels and big centres of population in The Netherlands/

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Why Are UK Taxpayers Sponsoring Six Nations Rugby?

I very much object to the state-owned zombie bank, sponsoring the Six Nations Rugby.  After all, if as a stakeholder in the bank, I wanted a ticket, I wouldn’t be able to get one.

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Repeated Spam

When I cleaned out the spam in my blog, a few minutes ago, one of the most common bits of spam, I found was on this post about US sailors being drunk.

It was for various lawyers in Texas, who were offering their services for offences like drunk driving. As the chance, I’d get done for drunk driving in Texas, as much less than hell freezing over, someone is wasting their time and money.

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On Line Loan Applications

Someone just tried to put a link to an on-line payday loan company in this post on my blog. As you can see the post is about wind power, so why would someone interested in wind power and Ireland, click away from the page to some dubious on-line loan provider?

I deleted the comment, as I always do with those that aren’t constructive to the blog.

But it got me thinking!

So I typed.

online loan application

Into Google to see what turned up.

The first page had about twenty links, of which only half were for legitimate sources in my view.  The rest were in my view the on-line providers, that I find dubious.

I’ve also looked at my spam and note, there are quite a few payday loan companies trying to advertise using my site, but they have been stopped by the spam filter in WordPress.


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A Million Items Short Of A Full Search

A new search engine called Million Short has arrived on the Internet.

You search, just as you would with Google or your preferred search engine, but it cuts out a required number of results, like a million or a thousand, from the most used web sites.

Click here to try the search.

It might tell you something useful, but on the other hand it’s fun!

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Is It The Time To Put RBS Down?

RBS looks like it will be facing large fines from both the UK and US authorities according to this report on the BBC web site. The report starts with this paragraph.

Any fines by US authorities on Royal Bank of Scotland over the Libor scandal should be met by bankers not taxpayers, Chancellor George Osborne has insisted.

But even if it finds this the money to pay the fine from bankers bonuses, the saga of this worthless company just goes on. They still don’t seem to have managed to get rid of the 316 branches, that they tried to offload to Santander.

If the bank were to be put into administration, customers would do the thing, that they should be doing now  and that is move their accounts to another bank.

I do wonder how many people still bank with RBS or its subsidiaries?

At the moment the bank is just a zombie, whose only use for most of us is to get cash out of their cash machines.

Would anybody except the employees miss it, if it was put down? I doubt it. But I suspect most of the good employees have already left the bank.

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