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A New Food Source To Develop

As someone, who has planted more than a few trees in his time, I’ve had the odd runs-in with deer, who feel that the new shoots of saplings are tasty for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  C also hit a deer in my car, which to say the least didn’t do it much good.

So although they are nice to see in the countryside, when the University of East Anglia says we have too many deer, as reported here, I tend to agree. The researcher, Dr. Dolman is quoted as follows.

We are not killing something and then incinerating the carcass – what we are talking about is harvesting a wild animal to supply wild free-ranging venison for or tables – for farm shops, for gastro pubs.

“What we are advocating isn’t removing deer from the countryside – what we are advocating is trying to get on top of the deer population explosion and try to control the problems that are being caused.

“And in a way, [venison] provides a sustainable food source where you know where it comes from, you know it is ethically sourced, you know it is safe to eat, and that puts food on people’s tables. As much as I love deer, to be a meat eater but then to object to the culling and harvesting of deer seems to be inconsistent.

That sounds all very sensible, but I suspect that the RSPCA and others will be against the large scale cull, that he suggests. The RSPCA’s view is in this part of the article.

In a statement, the RSPCA said it was “opposed in principle to the killing or taking of all wild animals unless there is strong science to support it, or evidence that alternatives are not appropriate.

“Even if a cull is supported by science, it is very important that it is carried out in a humane and controlled way.

“Any decision to carry out a cull must be taken on a case by case basis based on the specific issues which impact a specific area. We don’t believe this should be rolled out in a uniform way across the whole country. It is certainly not a case of one size fits all.

If we don’t cull the deer to reasonable levels, we will get a double destruction of the countryside.  By the deer on the one hand and on the other by farmers and householders putting up more and more secure fences to keep the pests off their land.

With all the trouble over horsemeat, it does strike me, that we ought to develop our taste for venison and support those like Marks and Spencer, who are using it in high-quality ready meals.

After all, venison is supposed to be good for you and certainly doesn’t have the health problems that are being reported today for processed meat.

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Sensible Banking Advice From Paul Lewis

Radio 4’s money expert, Paul Lewis, has just said this in the wake of more banking problems from RBS and Natworst.

Make sure your girlfriend or boyfriend uses a different bank to yourself.

Now there’s a question for on-line dating sites!

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RBS Show Their Standard Of Customer Service Again

Yet again RBS and its subsidiary, NatWorst, have stopped customers from accessing their money, as is reported here on the BBC. They had a similar computer disaster last year.

I’m actually surprised that they’ve still got any customers left to annoy!

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