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A Taxi Driver In Mumbai

I’m just watching the BBC documentary of a London cabbie trying to drive a cab in Mumbai. Fascinating.

I posted this story of my holiday in Mumbai.

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Manchester Comes To Liverpool

I’m fairly certain, although I could be mistaken, that the Class 390 Pendolino, I took back from Liverpool on Saturday was named City of Manchester.

But it was the second train south in the morning.

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Times When I’m Glad I Don’t Own A Car

Today, according to this article on  the BBC web site, the Dartford Crossing has been closed to traffic for seven hours. This article doesn’t say why, but it was a man threatening to jump.  In the end according to this article after four hours of negotiating he jumped and later was pronounced dead in hospital.

I’m not going to question the man’s motives or suggest that the police should have taken more radical or forceful action, but why is it, it’s inevitably men, who climb on buildings and bridges and threaten to jump? I can’t remember an incident, where it was a woman, who was the prospective jumper.

I’m just glad though, that I’m a non-driver, as I can’t remember this sort of incident with trains. Perhaps, the men who threaten to jump are frightened of getting smashed into small pieces by something like a Class 66. Thinking about it, most suicides on the railway seem to be with passenger rather than freight trains. I wonder why? I have travelled on passenger trains with freight drivers and they have told me that many that get killed by freight trains are thieves nicking cable and other things in the middle of the night.

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Crossrail Launch An Arts Programme

Crossrail do seem a bit different to your average company, with some of the things they do, like their excellent archaeological program, which resulted in last year’s exhibition called Bison to Bedlam.

Now they have launched an arts programme, as they report here. I’m glad to see too, that they have spelt programme correctly.

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A Half-Timbered Car!

The funny title is not mine, but it was said by Barry Humphries, when dressed as Dame Edna, he was walking through Stratford-on-Avon.

A Half-Timbered Car!

A Half-Timbered Car!

There aren’t many half-timbered houses around here, with one of the nearest in Walthamstow.

When we first moved to the Barbican, we had a green Morris Minor Traveller, just like this one.

There must be few of my generation, who’ve never owned or driven one of these cars.

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Mothering Sunday At Carluccio’s

I got to Carluccio’s in Canary Wharf for a late breakfast.

There were obviously a few parties celebrating Mothering Sunday, but surprisingly, there were several singletons of both sexes.  There certainly appeared to be more than usual, but then I was half-an-hour or so earlier.

You’d have thought that on this day, where mothers and their partners and children tend to celebrate, that dining alone wouldn’t have been so common.

I know that as a widower, who has lost his mother and contact with his two daughters-in-law, I am a bit short in the mother stakes. But my family has always been like that, with no woman having given birth on my father’s side with the coeliac gene, since 1820, that I can find.

Still those genes, when linked to my mother’s Huguenot ones gave me a strong survival instinct and I like to think an active and fertile mind.

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Loading Crossrail Spoil At Limmo

I have been trying to get a picture of this for some time and finally did this morning from the Emirates Air-Line cable-car..

Loading Crossrail Spoil At Limmo

Loading Crossrail Spoil At Limmo

You could actually see the spoil pouring off the white conveyor into the ship. It’s obviously an easier way to get rid of all the spoil, than using an armada of trucks.

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Flying Solo On The Cable-Car

As I often do on a Sunday, I went over the Emirates Air-Line cable-car and then took the Jubilee line to Canary Wharf to have some late breakfast at Carluccio’s.

I got a gondola to myself, as the pictures show.

I wonder how long it takes before the rubbish recycling underneath the line is moved to a less obvious location.

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Is This A Handrail?

At Limehouse station on the DLR, I noticed these rails surrounding the platforms.

Is This A Handrail?

Is This A Handrail?

I was unsure as to their purpose. Especially, as there is a similar rail at floor level.

Are they there to just to protect the window, for decoration or are they a handrail that people can hang on to as the trains approach? I did hold it today, as the train came in, but then I have form in this area, as I reported here.

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Rhinitis: A Tale Of Two Cities

It’s very strange bus over the last couple of days, my health has been very much a roller coaster. or should I say my rhinitis.

On Wednesday, it was particularly bad and I was getting through the usual small packet of paper hankies a day. I did have a swimming lesson and I suspect, I did give my nose a bit of a washout, but the running nose was very much the same as it normally is.

Thursday in Liverpool is was a bit better, but on Friday, despite it being a day, when God had decided, she would empty her bathwater, my tissue consumption was much reduced. We were also indoors for a lot of the day in a warm room.  But was it dry?

Yesterday, as I came down from Liverpool on the train, it was fine, except that I could taste the softer Liverpool water running into my throat.

Today, though it has been awful and I’ve got through over a small packet of tissues on my walk around London this morning.

So which is the dominant factor controlling the rhinitis?

I think, I can throw in here, one other useful piece of information.  I saw no improvement on my trips to Blackburn or Huddersfield.

As I do know that my health problems improved as a child, when we moved to Felixstowe and maintained the improvement at Liverpool University. So, perhaps being by the sea helped. After all, I sometimes notice, that when I go to the football at Ipswich, I do sometimes breathe better.

It could too have been the temperature and humidity in the hotel.  I set the temperature to the nineteen, I aim for at home.

One thing though, that the pain in my teeth and around the old break in my left humerus, seems to increase with the rhinitis.

So if I can stop my nose running, I may get rid of some other symptoms.

As I’m going on a cruise in eight days time, perhaps this will help me solve the mystery.

At least though, I’m certain that what causes the rhinitis, caused it as a child and as it didn’t kill me then, it probably won’t now.

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