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An Advantage Of Goat’s Milk

I’m going away on Monday and will be back late on Saturday. As I like a cup of tea, when I get back, I bought some new goat’s milk today.

An Advantage Of Goat's Milk

An Advantage Of Goat’s Milk

Note that the sell-by date is the 14th April, so it should be good when I return on the 13th.

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London Is My Gymnasium

The weather is better today, so I did a trip round the various construction and other sites that I keep a watch on.

The pictures are in order and show how I went to the Excel to see the CrossRail progress, then over the cable-car to Greenwich.  I then took the Jubilee line to Stratford and the DLR to Pudding Mill Lane station, again to look at CrossRail. I also had a coffee and some delicious gluten-free cake at the ViewTube, before coming back to Highbury and Islington station, where I did a bit of shopping.

I tend to use these trips as long walks with the occasional climb up and down stairs to get fit.  I found that on the cruise stair-climbing with a rail on the left, was good for that side of my body.

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I’ve Never Understood The Lure Of Waxworks

Madame Tussauds are no advertising on the DLR.

I've Never Understood The Lure Of Waxworks

I’ve Never Understood The Lure Of Waxworks

I’ve never been that I can remember and these adverts won’t dissuade me in my view that waxworks are a waste of space and time.

It used to be spelt properly as Madame Tussaud’s, but apparently, they have dropped the apostrophe.

I think it would be very scientifically incorrect to go to a museum, that deliberately misspelt its name.





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Dalston Junction Station Gets Free Wi-Fi

My local station now has free wi-fi.

Dalston Junction Station Gets Free Wi-Fi

Dalston Junction Station Gets Free Wi-Fi

Not that I had my tablet with me this morning!


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Is Derby Reading’s Little Sibling?

I was at Derby on Saturday and took these pictures of the station and a couple of the old engines hanging about.

The concept of the station is very similar to that of Reading, that I visited earlier in the week. The bridge is narrower and there are no escalators to the platforms.

As Derby pre-dates Reading by a few years, you could argue that Reading is Derby’s bigger sibling.

But it’s a good design nonetheless! Like Reading it has good facilities on the wide platforms.

The big diesel is 37425, which is a Class 37 and although owned by the Class 37 Locomotive Group, it appears to be pulling some form of engineering train for Network Rail.

The other diesel engine is a Class 57.  Does DCR stand for Derby College something?, as the college is behind the engine.

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