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The Honourable Company Of Edinburgh Misogynists

The Sunday Times has it’s knives out for golf today, using the title of this post to describe the men-only club that runs Muirfield; the venue of this year’s Open Championship.

It would be interesting to know if the misogynists had ever had a gay member! The law of averages said that they must have!

Interestingly, the Mirror says this of Fred Goodwin in this article.

He also likes to shoot pheasants on a friend’s estate, and play leisurely rounds of golf at the historic Muirfield course.

Fred maybe a man whose business practices have been condemned, but I suppose he isn’t a woman!

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A Man Bites Dog Story

Judging by how many times it has been read, the readers of the BBC web site, find this story, where a cow goes through the roof of a house and kills a man in his bed,  funny.

But then anybody who has lived in the country, knows that farming is not a totally safe business.

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Is This Bad News For Cancer?

This report from the Independent headlined, Exclusive: Cancer – A cure just got closer thanks to a tiny British company – and the result could change lives of millions, was flagged up on BBC Radio 5 this morning and is a fascinating read.

It seems that researchers may have found a way to get the body’s T-cells to attack the cancer cells.

I think everything in the report sounds feasible and the company in Oxford; Immunocore, have now got masses of backing from two of the largest pharmaceutical companies. So money for the research won’t be a problem.

In some ways, this research all fits with my belief that if you have a healthy immune system, you are less likely to get cancer. Hence my gluten-free diet and abhorrence of smoking.

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