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A Walk Through London’s First Pedestrian And Cycle Zone

I took these pictures as I walked through London’s first Pedestrian and Cycle Zone, wher only electric vehicles and some hybrids are allowed.

I like the idea, although quite a few diesel and petrol cars and vans seem to have been ignoring the signs.

I was even interviewed by television. But it was Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão, so I doubt I’ll find it on the iPlayer.

Will subtitles make me look better?

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Now That’s What I Call A Mega Bendy Bus!

Bendy buses weren’t liked in London and although some places in Europe have them, they are nothing like the mega-bendies from Brazil discussed in this article on Global Rail News, which is entitled New mega-buses to replace trams?.

This is the opening paragraph.

Could advances in bus design threaten the role of trams on busy routes? New, longer designs which carry more passengers and combine flexibility with vast capacity.

On the other hand, I don’t see why a bendy bus with driving cabs at each end, running in a dedicated traffic lane or perhaps in a concrete guided busway couldn’t be used on a fixed link between say a railway station and the centre of a city. A double-ended design would eliminate the need to turn the bus, which is a big space-hungry  problem

I think that once, one city, airport or attraction develops this idea successfully, then the idea could spread!

The chassis developed by Volvo in Brazil mentioned in the article, would certainly be a good starting point.

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Tim Vickery On The Rio Olympics

I’ve just listened on Radio 5 Live to Tim Vickery, a Rio-based English football journalist on why the Olympic venues are so empty.

He puts it mainly down to the fact that Brazilians only are really interested, when one of their athletes has a chance of winning.

He also says that, the events are for Portuguese speaking people and everything is not very well-organised.

If you can catch it, it is definitely a must-listen.

After what he said, I’m glad I took the decision of not going.

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Whether you think this German side is good is irrelevant, but the Brazilian side has about as much commitment as a bad Division One side!

Will anybody beat the Germans?

Yes! But I don’t know who will!

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ITV And The BBC Disagree Over Fred’s Penalty

ITV’s commentators and experts thought that the penalty awarded to Brazil last night was correct. The BBC’s pundits were adamant Fred dived.

The Times this morning is saying that Fred was guilty. Type “Fred penalty” into Google News and most newspapers the world-over think it was a dive!

Brazil were lucky, as other decisions of the referee didn’t stand up to video scrutiny.

Let’s hope that the rest of the referees have been to Specsavers!

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England Against Italy In Manaus

Years ago, as a child, I read stories of Manaus; one of the most fascinating places on earth and have always secretly wanted to go.

Now that England are going to face Italy in their first match at the 2014 World Cup, I must say that I’m more than tempted to go, especially if the trip can be paired with a wildlife tour on the Amazon.


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The Man With No Fear

I read this article on the BBC web site with interest.

We are unlikely to win the World Cup in Brazil next year, as too many things are against us.  But with statements like this from the article.

“My message to the players and the nation is we’re not coming here to fear anyone, we’re coming here to respect. We know whoever we play we’re capable of winning or losing the match,” he said.

We’ve played Brazil away, we’ve played Italy away, we know they are tough games but we know we can go out and do well in them just as we can lose them as well.

I think we can say, that Roy and his team might make a good fist of it.

They will need a bit of luck in the draw tomorrow.  But Roy might just have the knack to turn an absolute stinker of a draw to everyone’s advantage.

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A Man Bites Dog Story

Judging by how many times it has been read, the readers of the BBC web site, find this story, where a cow goes through the roof of a house and kills a man in his bed,  funny.

But then anybody who has lived in the country, knows that farming is not a totally safe business.

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Why Can’t I Buy Tickets For England v Brazil?

I’ve bought tickets for England home games in the past, but I can’t even get logged in as a registered England fan to even see if I can purchase tickets. I just get a message saying.

According to our records, you are not eligible to purchase tickets for this event.

I suspected that this could be because I have moved house, since I last bought a ticket.

So I registered as a new England fan at my new address and tried again. And what happened?

I got the same message again.

I wonder why I’m not allowed to buy tickets.  I have e-mailed them and guess what?  I’ve not received any reply at all.

So it could be that FA doesn’t stand for Football Association, but something else.

Or could it be that I’m too old?  Or perhaps someone with the same name as me, is on a banned list?

All I want is a ticket for myself and a couple for friends.

By the time that I get logged in, they might all have gone!

I think, I’ll reach for my solicitor if that happens. I think my human rights have been abused.


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Weird and Wonderful

The Sunday Times has a column of this name, which collects odd news from around the the world. This is the text of one this week with a title of Call the Pants Police.

Brides should be forced by law to wear knickers at the altar, says a Brazilian councillor. Ozias Zizi claims a growing number of women are being married without underwear because a superstition says this will guarantee a longer marriage.

The councillor from Vila Velha wants to introduce a local law that would not only force brides to wear knickers, but would bring in a minimum neckline for dresses.

“The moment they enter a place of worship they must show some respect,” he said. But Enoch de Castro, a local priest, said: “It would be absurd to try to police something like this, to find out whether a bride is wearing knickers or not.”

I think the priest has it right. Although, I don’t think that the police would lack volunteers for the job.

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