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I Hate Avoidable Imperfections

I have just spent twenty minutes putting out the recycling. As it was only two full green sacks of mixed recycling and a cardboard box, that is far too long.

The problem isn’t the sacks, the box, my gammy hand or anything else outside of my control, but the front door of my house. I asked my previous builder to do something with it, so that it doesn’t close on its own volition.  Luckily, it has only managed to lock me out once, but tonight it closed on me four times, as I took the recycling out. But I always check that my keys are in my pocket, as they were tonight.

I’ve been in this house nearly three years and I’m getting fed up with this door.  All it needs is to look good, have an adequate letter box to replace the one, the previous builders broke, only shut when I want it to, and possibly be able to be locked and unlocked from upstairs, by flicking a switch.

I have an adequate budget for this job and I don’t think it’s too much to hope that this door will be sorted soon.

I suppose the real problem is that Jerry got the door on the cheap!


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Did These Adverts Affect The Choice Of The Royal Baby’s Name?

These adverts are on the Tube all over London and have been for several weeks.

Did These Adverts Affect The Choice Of The Royal Baby's Name?

Did These Adverts Affect The Choice Of The Royal Baby’s Name?

Was it a subtle message? As the Queen was obviously very interested and probably went on Saturday, it was perhaps a name in the forefront of the whole family’s minds.

My youngest son, was called George, so I have no objections to it as a name, but to me, it’s probably an unlucky one.

I don’t know whether, I could have a lady friend called Georgia or Georgina.

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