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Could The News Of The Royal Baby Really Change The Referendum Result?

It’s only the Metro, but I did find their front page fascinating.

Could The News Of The Royal Baby Really Change The Referendum Result?

Could The News Of The Royal Baby Really Change The Referendum Result?

The baby could probably have more effect on next year’s General Election!

What would broadcasters do, if he or she turned up on Election Day?

If he or she turned up to be monarch, they would then probably be the only one for hundreds of years, who interfered personally with an election!

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Did These Adverts Affect The Choice Of The Royal Baby’s Name?

These adverts are on the Tube all over London and have been for several weeks.

Did These Adverts Affect The Choice Of The Royal Baby's Name?

Did These Adverts Affect The Choice Of The Royal Baby’s Name?

Was it a subtle message? As the Queen was obviously very interested and probably went on Saturday, it was perhaps a name in the forefront of the whole family’s minds.

My youngest son, was called George, so I have no objections to it as a name, but to me, it’s probably an unlucky one.

I don’t know whether, I could have a lady friend called Georgia or Georgina.

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The First Royal Baby E-Mail

I’ve just had an e-mail from the Zoological Society of London, entitled Royal Zoo babies.  This is the first paragraph.

The Royal Baby has finally been born, but Will and Kate aren’t the only ones with a new arrival this summer! From a tiny tapir calf to miniature monkeys, celebrate the newest addition to the Royal family with a tour of ZSL London Zoo’s very own Royal Zoo Babies.

I’m a member, so I’ll probably go in a few days anyway.

But it is good marketing, nevertheless!

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Registering Babies

There has just been a discussion on BBC Radio 5 about how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will register the new baby.

Will the Registrar go to them or will they have to go to their offices?

In the 1960s and 1970s, there was no problem, as the Registrar came round the wards and registered all babies they could, before they left hospital.

I never went near a Registrar until I had to register the death of my wife and son.

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Piers Morgan On The Royal Baby

With so many congratulating the Duchess of Cambridge on a successful birth, there had to be one or two that were funny. I like this one from Piers Morgan.

My money’s on an Australian cricket birth – all out by tea.

Obviously, it was on the news that the Duchess had gone into labour.

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Riding Whilst Pregnant

There has been a bit of criticism of Zara Phillips riding, whilst she is pregnant.

I do wonder if her mother and grandmother gave up whilst they were pregnant!

I’ve known lots of women, who continued to ride after they became pregnant and some for quite a long time.  In none of these cases was there any complications. Although an anaesthetist once told me, that he once had to give an epidural to a very fit ballet dancer during childbirth and had difficulty getting the needle home, as her muscles were so strong.  But it all turned out right in the end.

The funniest story was from a mate of mine, who rode up to a forthright lady we both knew well. “Good morning, Mrs. S”, he said and the reply was “I’m pregnant and so’s the horse!” Both births were successful, and I’ve met the daiughter involved many times.

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And Now The Royal Baby Mug!

Today, the ultimate Christmas present for your Republican friends has been  launched – The Royal Baby Mug.

Read about it here.

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