The Anonymous Widower

Hunting For Moose

After a supper by the lake, we started hunting for moose and I took these pictures.

The next evening, we also saw a lot more moose and actually lost count of the number we saw, but it was at least thirty. It made one of the party’s day, as she had come particularly to see moose.

We also saw several roe deer and a solitary brown hare.

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The Advantage Of A Full Beard

My bathroom in Pensionat Udden was shared.

This was no disadvantage for me, as all I need in the morning is a shower, a clean of my teeth and a good scratch of my face to be ready for the day.

However, it would all have been different, if I’d had to have a shave every morning.

But of course with a full beard, I don’t!

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Pensionat Udden

These pictures show the guest house, where we stayed on the holiday. Their web site is here.

The pictures show the lake behind the hotel.  Just as with houses, location is so important.

Nothing was too much trouble for the owners and they coped with my gluten free diet magnificently.

I also slept well in a comfortable bed, but then I would only report if I didn’t.  With me that’s usually the sign of a bad hotel.

It was a very convenient place for what we were doing and I wouldn’t have any qualms about staying there, if I should make a further trip to the area.

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A Walk In The Woods

The trip wasn’t always about Sweden’s mammals, as these pictures show.

We had gone for a walk in the woods and I was very surprised at the size of the ant hills.

They were one of the surprises of the holiday.

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