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Disappointing Turin

One of the purposes of my trip was to visit places in Italy, that I’d never been to with C.  Hence my visit to Turin, where I hoped to see some of the places made famous by The Italian Job.

It didn’t help as it was raining, but I was staying in the centre close to the main square and the cathedral.

So I just had a walk around, rode on a few trams and had a rather poor meal.

The latter was probably the most disappointing, as on this trip, I’ve eaten very well. But not in Turin. I had the worst vitello tonnato, I’ve ever had.

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From Genoa To Turin

This leg was done in another Freccibianca and took about a couple of hours.

It wasn’t the most dramatic of journeys, although we had to wait for half-an-hour for the incoming train.

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Would I Go Back To Genoa?

Genoa was a total surprise and the icing on the cake, was the old city, with its Aladdin’s Cave for coeliacs.

I will definitely go back.  It would be a very good starting point for a trip round Italy.

One of the great advantages is the lack of tourists.  But sadly, they will discover it!

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No Small Waters In Italy

i drink a lot and usually carry a small bottle of water.  In the UK, I often have one of the standard small 330 ml. bottles of Harrogate Spring Water, that seem to be ubiquitous on trains, in my pocket.

330 ml. bottle of Harrogate Spring Water

330 ml. bottle of Harrogate Spring Water

But in Italy finding small bottles of water was very difficult.  Even half litres ones were difficult to find in some places.

Even those weight half a kilogram and unlike the small ones, they don’t fit in a pocket.

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An Aladdin’s Cave For Coeliacs

I couldn’t believe it, when I saw this shop in the Piazza de Ferrari in Genoa.

Not for Genoa a small Free From section, but a whole shop.

As I’d forgotten my EatNakd biscuits, I stocked up for the journey.

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Piazza De Ferrari

The Piazza De Ferrari is the magnificent main square of Genoa.

On one side is the Palazzo Ducale and there is a bronze fountain in the middle. The restaurant I visited is perhaps a hundred metres away and it has its own Metro station.

Aladdin’s Cave was at one side of this square.

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The Palazzo Ducale, Genoa

I found the Palazzo Ducalle one of the most impressive buildings in Genoa.

I actually had my breakfast there, which included juice made from fresh oranges

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Genoa Cathedral

Like most Italian cities, Genoa has an impressive cathedral.

It is in the heart of the old part of the city and is well worth a visit.

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Exploring Genoa

Genoa surprised me and I spent a very enjoyable two hours walking through the old city.

The area of Genoa that I explored was well laid out for tourists, with lots of maps and signage. Every street too, seems to have a proper name on the wall, which is something unique in many parts of Europe.

But tourists were rather thin on the ground and I only saw one organised party.  So perhaps you should visit Genoa before it builds more hotels and get discovered.

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