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The Closing Of Underground Ticket Offices

The unions will have a field year of disruption over the closure of all ticket offices on the Underground, as is reported here in the Standard.

But the Underground must move on, and another story in the paper is more important, which reports that London tourism will be worth £77billion by 2025. This is a rise of over £30billion from today’s figure.

Many of these tourists will require help in the Underground, so those staff displaced from the closed ticket offices, will be needed in the stations and on the platforms.

I think the unions have a choice here; create some of biggest strikes we’ve ever seen or negotiate proper conditions for staff working overnight and outside of the ticket offices.

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East Croydon To Dalston Junction

It would appear that the cheapest way for me, to get to Brighton from where I live near Dalston Junction station in London, is to buy a ticket from East Croydon. I would get there using my Freedom Pass as the station is in Zone 5. Ideally, I’d want to buy a ticket that was valid on all services, but it seems that those that are valid on only First Capital Connect are cheaper. I found a Super Off Peak Return at £5.95.

Coming back from Brighton yesterday, I couldn’t get a fast train to London Bridge to where my return was valid, so I decided to change at East Croydon for Norwood Junction, where I could pick up the Overground for Dalston Junction.

The change wasn’t difficult at Norwood Junction, but it did entail a walk through the subway to get from Platform 3, where my connection arrived at Platform 1 for the Overground. The Overground trains run on the slow line and actually pull in between Platform 1 and Platform 2, which is a walk over from where the faster trains stop on Platform 3.  Would it not be an idea, to open the doors on both sides of Overground trains, so that there would be direct access between the trains on Platform 1/2 and 3?

Norwood Junction station  is being upgraded for Thameslink. This is from Wikipedia.

The project includes the lengthening of platforms, station remodelling, new railway infrastructure (e.g. viaducts) and additional rolling stock. When implemented, First Capital Connect services will call at Norwood Junction.

I hope cross platform interchange from slow to fast services is also included. it would mean that someone in a wheelchair or with limited movement could get on the Overground at a fully-accessible station like Haggerston, and then go across the platform at Norwood Junction to get on a train for Gatwick Airport and Brighton.

I went back to Norwood Junction and found that we have the bizarre situation, where passengers going South can do a cross platform interchange for East Croydon, but those coming North have to go down into the subway and up again.

A member of staff told me it was for security reasons.

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Sausages And Balsamic Onions

I cooked these the Lindsey Bareham way last night and I’m putting the guts here for ease of access.

For myself, I use three Black Farmer sausages and an onion of about 120 grams.

I cooked the sausages like this.

Fry the sausages in a tbsp oil over a low heat, turning every so often, until crusty and done to your liking. Mine took 30 minutes.

The onion is finely sliced then cooked like this.

Heat a tbsp oil in a second frying pan and add the onion. Cook briskly, tossing constantly for 5 minutes. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook for 20-30 minutes, stirring often, until slippery soft. Add a measure of balsamic vinegar and two of water. Let it bubble away. Turn off the heat.

The result with some microwaved small potatoes is shown.

Sausages And Balsamic Onions

Sausages And Balsamic Onions

It may take a bit longer than a quick fry, but it is a lot nicer.

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Hull Is The New City Of Culture

It has been announced that Hull is going to be the new UK City of Culture.

I’ve only been a couple of times and in everything I’ve read about Hull recently, there is nothing about one thing that impressed me.

And that is the display of Roman mosaic floors in the Museum.

They are in better condition, than most I’ve seen in Europe and North Africa.

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My Exhibition List

This is a list of exhibitions, that I might want to go to or I have gone and enjoyed.  Most are in London.

British Museum – The Mostyn Tompion Clock – Ends 2nd February 2014

British Museum – Vikings – Ends 22nd June 2014

London Museum – Cheapside Hoard – Ends 27th April 2014

National Maritime Museum – Turner & The Sea – Ends 24th April 2014

PayneShurvill – Circulation – Peter Newman – Ends 18th January 2014

Royal Academy – Australia – Ends 8th December 2013

Royal Academy – Daumier – Ends 26th January 2014

Science Museum – Collider – Ends 6th May 2014

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