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Why I’m Pleased Manchester City Lost

There’s an old saying about cheats never proper.

Read this article in Wikipedia about the UEFA Financial FairPlay Rules and especially this section which relates to Manchester City.

Until books are fully opened by all of these teams and probably published on the Internet, I will not give them an iota of my support or sympathy.

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Views In The Evening From The Millennium Bridge

I took these pictures as I walked back from the Tate Modern, after being less than enthralled by the Richard Hamilton Exhibition.

London is starting to get its evening lighting together.

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A Walk Along Oxford Street

From Portals To The Past, I decided to walk along Oxford Street to Marks and Spencer, to see if they had any short-sleeved shirts.

It is not the easiest of walks and after the exhibition, I wondered what effect Crossrail will have on this walk.

One of the guides at the exhibition had told me, she’d walked one of the new stations a few days ago and because of the 200m length of the Class 345 trains for Crossrail, the stations have very long platforms. So one problem, Crossrail will get when it opens, is that passengers will complain about the endless walks. But as you can walk inside the trains, as they are effectively one coach with lots of segments, you will align yourself with your exit, when you do a regular journey. I do this walking along the train regularly on the Overground, as I’d rather walk in a warm train, than a cold platform.

I do wonder that as Crossrail gets used more and passengers learn how to use it, they will find there best and quickest routes and especially in bad weather will walk underground, thus taking a percentage of walkers away from Oxford Street.

The double-ended stations may also end up as rat-runs for those, who know their London and have Oyster Cards or Freedom Passes to bypass large sections of crowded pavements.

Hopefully too, Crossrail will take passengers from the Central line, so that walkers will use that if going from say Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch.

I did get my short-sleeved shirts and after exiting the shop, the heavens opened with a vengeance.

Summer came on Sunday, as the pictures of the Thames Barrier showed and now it’s gone!

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Crossrail’s Portals To The Past Exhibition

Crossrail have opened another exhibition called Portals To The Past, showing the various archaeological discoveries they have made.

It wasn’t as large as last year’s exhibition, but nevertheless, if you’re in the area it’s worth a look.

There was also a knowledgeable engineer answering questions.

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Liverpool Comes Third!

But it is third in the list of the top ten cities in the world to visit in 2014, according to the Rough Guide.

It was beaten by Rio De Janeiro and Sarajevo.

This news has been ignored very much by the media, except for the Liverpool Echo.

I shall be going in June to see the Mondrian exhibition at the Tate Liverpool.

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