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What Would Be The Best Result In The Manchester Derby?

Despite supporting Ipswich since our next door neighbour in Felixstowe took me at the end of the Ramsey era, I have affections for two other clubs.

As a child and teenager living in London, I did what my father had done in his youth and regularly went to see Spurs at White Hart Lane.

My father would tell stories about how he was at the Cup Final in 1921 and how before the Great War, his father would take them to the game in a pony and trap. My grandfather would give a kid a shilling to hold the horse’s head during the match.

Then in the 1960s at Liverpool University, I regular went to see both of the Liverpool clubs, although I identified more with Liverpool.

Perhaps because inh those years they played the better football and were more successful!

So who do I want to win the Manchester Derby?

Certainly not United, as in the 1950s, I lived next door to the most obnoxious United supporter, who rammed them down mine and my father’s throats at every opportunity.

I actually think, that both Spurs and Liverpool, would be happy with an extremely hard-fought goal-less draw at Old Trafford tonight!

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A Big Dilemma

Tonight, I can either watch Manchester City or Chelski in the Champions League, as it’s uncertain as to which will give me the greatest pleasure by being given a good drubbing!

We really do need serious Fair Play rules on spending, so that talent rather than money rules.

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Wigan Do It Again!

Last year I asked if there was a God, when Wigan beat Manchester City in the FA Cup Final.

Has she just told everybody, she’s a Wigan supporter, as they’ve done it again?

I suppose Manchester City will have to buy a few more players, as this lot don’t realise that money is everything!

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Why I’m Pleased Manchester City Lost

There’s an old saying about cheats never proper.

Read this article in Wikipedia about the UEFA Financial FairPlay Rules and especially this section which relates to Manchester City.

Until books are fully opened by all of these teams and probably published on the Internet, I will not give them an iota of my support or sympathy.

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Racism In Moscow

One of the stories dominating the news on my trip north was the racial abuse of Yaya Toure in Moscow by so-called fans of CSKA Moscow.

I shall be looking forward to the fifth of November and the return fixture in Manchester.

Knowing Manchester City fans, they might come up with an unusual and probably humorous protest, that everybody, except racists, will applaud.

As my father often said, there’s nothing that bigots, fascists and bullies hate more than ridicule.

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Is There A God?

I was just twelve, when I watched Wolves beat Blackburn Rovers 3-0 in the 1960 Cup Final. Like many of the finals of that era, there was a serious injury to a player, which reduced Blackburn to ten men, as substitutes weren’t allowed. The Blackburn player was Dave Whelan.

Today, he was the Chairman and major shareholder of Wigan Athletic, as they beat Manchester City to win the FA Cup.

Either there is a God, or everything comes to those who wait!

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The Own Goal Of The Season

The press are having a field day about Gareth Barry’s superb own goal for Manchester City yesterday.  Here’s the article in The Sun.

At least though there is some sort of justice, as after all the Premier League isn’t fair, where some teams spend money like water.  Or should that be oil?

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Pep Guardiola Gives A Two-Fingered Salute to Chelski And Man Sheikhy

Pep Guardiola has decoded to join Bayern Munich.  Read about it here in the Guardian.

It just goes to show that you may be as rich as Croesus, but you can’t buy everything. And certainly a man to whom it appears football is more important than money.

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Patrick Barclay On Sheikh Mansour

I picked up the Standard tonight as I often do, and this article by Patrick Barclay caught my eye. Here’s the first paragraph.

When Sheikh Mansour took over Manchester City, I suggested that his best route to the top of English football would be to buy and disband Manchester United, acquiring as many of their players as were wanted, then paint Old Trafford blue and use it as a training ground. Fortunately, the Sheikh and his Abu Dhabi associates preferred more constitutional methods.

But something must be done to create a fairer playing field, where rich benefactors can make a farce of fair play. UEFA are trying, but then will Abramovitch and Mansour fall into line? I doubt it!

On the other hand, there are quite a few footballers out there, who contrary to the usual myths are intelligent and have made enough money to go where they please. I think and very much hope that we see a lot more upsets like Swansea at Chelsea in the future.


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Has Manchester City Bought the Premier League Title?

As today’s football draws to a close, it looks like nothing can stop Manchester City winning the Premier League Title. It just shows how unfair it is when those with the money always win.

The only hope is that the UEFA Financial Fair Play Rules bring a degree of discipline. These rules, incidentally, may hit Spain worse than anybody else, if the practices of Spanish clubs, I outlined here are stopped.

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