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Did The Cleaner Get It Right?

Or perhaps he or she knows more about modern art that I do.

The story is reported in full here on the BBC. It’s not the first time cleaners have got confused according to the article. It even happened at the Tate Britain.

Surely, if art is good, it should appear to all tastes.  Even cleaners with little education on  the minimum wage!

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Lighting The Way Affordably

I have dabbled in the past with photoluminescence and C and myself were once enchanted by the starry ceilings of the Hotel Windsor in Nice, but up to now most of the applications have been small.

So I commend Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s plans to use the phenomenon to light up the path in William Parnell Park, as is reported here in the Evening Standard.

There are lots of places, where the proiperty of photoluminesence can be successfully used, although safety applications as detailed here predominate.

We may giggle at the idea now, but in a few years time, this type of lighting, will be used all over the place.

If you’d like to put stars on a child’s bedroom or something similar, there is this UK manufacturer in Bury.

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Do I Feel Sorry For President Putin?

You spent all this money on bringing the Winter Olympic Games to Sochi, so you can laud it over the world and especially when your beloved Russia, win the gold medal in your favourite sport; ice hockey.

But then your team gets knocked out in the quarter finals by the Finns.

I think we should all remember that the Russians don’t have a good record against the Finns in the winter.

I used to play real tennis with a Finn.  He was very proud of the part his father had played in halting the Russians.  He still had the white cotton ski suit his father had worn, stuffed with straw for warmth. This sentence from the Wikipedia article describes the Finnish resistance.

 The Finns used effective guerrilla tactics, taking special advantage of superior skiing skills and snow-white layered clothing and executing many surprise ambushes and raids. By the end of December, the Soviets decided to retreat and transfer resources to more critical fronts.

I suspect there was a lot of celebration in Finland after the ice hockey victory.

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Life On A 38 Bus

The 38 Bus in London, is probably the route that I use most.  I even used its sister the N38 to get to Victoria for the Gatwick Express in the middle of the night. Yesterday, I used the route twice, once to go to the Angel and the other to go to a lecture near the Royal Academy in Piccadilly. But then the Upwestbound stop is just round the corner from my house.

But I haven’t done what a Timeout journalist has and spent twenty-four hours running up and down the route from the romantic Clapton Pond to crowded Victoria. His article is here. This is a typical paragraph.

But there’s more to the London bus than keeping costs down. It’s fascinating about seeing the city from the top deck. Ever bother looking at the buildings above the shops? I’m not talking about nosing into offices and flats (though you wouldn’t believe how many people walk around naked with the curtains open) – it’s the centuries-old architecture pocked with the scars of history, with Victorian inscriptions and scraps of pre-war adverts. Glimpses of London’s former lives.

The 38 may not be one of the glamour routes, that have got a full compliment of New Buses for London, but as a working lifeline for connecting the people of Hackney to the jobs, shops and attractions of the West End, it is invaluable.

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David Attenborough Commentates On Curling

This video from the BBC is priceless.

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