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Let The Theories Circulate!

Like nearly everybody in the world, I’d like to get to the bottom of what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

But this page on the BBC’s web site has gone to town with speculation.

So what can I add to the speculation?

According to the /BBC report, the plane flew over the Malay Peninsular.  C and I drove through that area on a military road that goes from one side to the other and there was miles and miles of jungle, where we thought we could hear elephants in the distance. One Malaysian doctor told me that they check cars in and out on that road, as there are accidents, where drivers his elephants sitting on the cool tarmac in the night.

So is it a place, where if the plane came down, could it just be lost in all the trees? I won’t speculate further than to ask the question!

If you read aircraft accident reports, as I used to when I flew a lot, you realise that pilots make quite a few silly mistakes, that you’d think they wouldn’t.  Who’d have thought for example, before the Costa Concordia disaster, such a thing could happen to a cruise liner, in sight of land on a clear day.

So did the crew make some catastrophic mistake?

In most cases pilot suicide can surely be ruled out, as it would have to be almost a double suicide, unless one pilot had locked the other out of the cockpit and then perhaps shot himself.

We’re obviously left things like the plane exploding and breaking up, but things get more and more fanciful.

One of the problems with any of these theories is that the plane was still transmitting information back to London for seven hours.

Only when we find the plane and its black box recorders, will we have any chance of finding the truth!

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Did Jack Warner Take A Bribe To Vote For Qatar?

It is being reported in the Telegraph, that Jack Warner took a bribe of over a million pounds to vote for Qatar in the bidding for the 2022 World Cup.

I file stories like this under the heading of Is The Pope A Catholic

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An Unusual Advert In The Times

There is an advert for the Cult Cafe in Ipswich in The Times today.

What is unusual about the advert is that it appears to have been paid for by Barclays.

So has your bank paid for you to have an advert in a national newspaper.

I have written to the cafe to see if they are making any difference to the gluten-free desert that is Ipswich.

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Is The Gospel Oak To Barking Line Going To Be Extended?

London needs houses and one of the best places to build them is in the East near the Thames in Barking. The developments are talked about here.

Development has been a bit slow, as the area is badly served by public transport and the Mayor and the GLA have pushing for better rail links to the area.

One plan was to extend the DLR and the other was to extend the Gospel Oak to Barking line of the Overground.

According to this report in the Standard last night, it would appear that the Overground is to be extended. Here’s the first bit.

George Osborne will signal a £150 million rail link to speed up the construction of thousands of new homes in the capital in his Budget this week, it is revealed today.

The Chancellor is expected to indicate he is keen to extend the Gospel Oak to Barking Line — nicknamed the Goblin Line — to Barking Riverside.

It would help unlock up to 11,000 new houses, offices and shops planned in a redevelopment that aims to transform a 350-acre site of industrial and brownfield land.

I wonder how many other projects like this, will turn up between now and the next election? This project is quoted as costing £150million, but as it makes 11,000 new homes viable and probably creates quite a few jobs, this surely is the sort of project that has a high benefit to cost ration. It also has the Overground-factor in that when it opens, it’ll probably attract far more passengers than expected and everybody will say why wasn’t it done years ago.

There are some interesting ones that have been proposed. Some of the ones I like are upgrading of the Marshlink Line and the Tees Valley Metro, both of which I’ve experienced in the last few weeks. None of the ones here, are big rail projects, where lots of new track and new trains are required.

I suspect that after seeing George Osborne’s backing for the Northern Hub and railway electrification in general, I have this feeling that after the Gospel Oak to Barking line announcement, that the budget may have some rail infrastructure surprises from the reinstatement and upgrading of lines to the building of new stations and the refurbishment of old ones.

One thing that seems to have happened in the last few years, is that now the passenger and freight flows on our railways are getting more stable and predictable, Network Rail has implemented some projects like the Hitchin flyover, where the msin purpose, is to make the important lines more reliable and less subject to delay.

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The EU Gives The UK Another £300million A Year

I’m just reading the BBC’s prediction for tomorrow’s Budget. Under the section on VAT, there is this information.

The Budget should enact important changes to the payment of VAT on internet purchases and downloads.

Buyers, for instance of e-books, will now have to pay the VAT rate of their home country, not that of a retailer such as Amazon.

It charges just 3% VAT, the rate in its home territory – Luxembourg.

From 1 January 2015 it will have to charge UK purchasers the 20% British VAT rate – and then hand that money over to the UK government.

It will mean higher charges for some UK internet shoppers who use a foreign service, and it will raise about £300m more each year for the Treasury.

This is an EU-wide change affecting all 28 member countries and will remove the price advantage of some internet retailers based outside the UK.

So due to some EU legislation, you’ll pay more for e-books from Amazon, but then the VAT rules will be fairer and the government will get more tax revenue and hopefully allow UK companies to compete easier.

Is this the start of getting the big multi-nationals to pay their full moral level of taxes, like we plebs do?

I certainly hope so!

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