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Come In Number 38, Your Time Has Come!

I saw several New Buses for London or Routemasters today, as I travelled the other way on a 38 to and through Hackney.


But they weren’t the remnants of the original Hackney Eight, but pristine ones, just off the boat from Northern Ireland.

Coming back from the Angel, I got one of the new buses and the driver said with a big beaming smile on his face, that from Monday all buses on the 38 will be New Routemasters.

So now visitors to the capital and those that live here for that matter, will be able to take their partner, boyfriend or girlfriend to romantic Clapton Pond, as I surmised here.

On a serious note, If you were thinking of opening a cafe, then Clapton Pond surely is the place!

Also if I was Hackney’s Tourism Officer, I’d be making sure everything was ready.

Rumour also has it too, that a well known estate agent has jacked up the prices of all properties near to a 38 bus stop by two percent.

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Searching For The Dudding Hill Line – North Acton

After I’d walked down Victoria Road, I took a photograph of the North London line, where it crosses the Central line on a high bridge. I then took a bus to Acton Central station, from where I took a train back to Hackney. As I crossed the bridge I took another photo, followed by another as the Dudding Hill line broke off to the left, to cross Park Royal and the Grand Union Canal.

Again the last picture, gives the impression that it is well-maintained railway.

Note the picture of the maps at Acton Central station. They show what a tortuous web London’s railways were in the Victorian era.  And I suspect, it’s not just London, that was covered by such an intricate pattern of lines.


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Boden’s Sense Of Humour

I just had to take a picture of this sign outside of Boden’s building as I walked by.

Boden's Sense Of Humour

Boden’s Sense Of Humour

As this blog is only about things that are good to look at, I decided to show a picture of just the sign.

Thinking about it, I suspect that an ugly building is cheaper to rent or buy, so why not save money and just make fun of it.

I wonder what discount they got for The Shard?



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Searching For The Dudding Hill Line – Victoria Road, Acton

After photographing the bridges over the canal, I retraced my step[s back to Old Oak Lane and followed it towards North Acton station.

The Dudding Hill Line crosses the road on a bridge.

In fact one feature of the line is several nice bridges.

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Searching For The Dudding Hill Line – Willesden And Park Royal

I took the Overground to Willesden Junction and walked down Old Oak Lane towards Acton.

According to the map, it appeared that the Dudding Hill Line crossed the Grand Union Canal somewhere to the west of the road. So I went for a look.

As the pictures show, I found the line where it crosses the canal on a massive brick bridge. The blue bridge beside it would appear to be curve enabling trains to come down the West Coast Main Line and turn south to Acton.

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No Action At Lea Bridge Station

According to Wikipedia, Lea Bridge station will be reopened this year.

No Action At Lea Bridge Station

No Action At Lea Bridge Station

But does this picture say otherwise?

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Our Energy Future According To Ovo’s Founder

This article in the Guardian, lays out the future of our energy supplies according to the founder of Ovo Energy.

I agree with all that he said and I’d like to see more schemes like the Bunhill Energy Centre I saw last Open House.

The great thing about small energy schemes, is they are not capital-intensive and often can be hidden away in the most surprising places. They can also take heat from any source like Bunhill is going to do in the near future.

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