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Whitechapel Station Is Emerging

As I came through Whitechapel station, I took these pictures.

In the next phase of the development the following will happen.

1. The current entrance in the front of the station will be closed for reconstruction and temporary access will be from the rear in Durward Street.

2. The two Metropolitan/District Line platforms will become one with a platform face down each side and it looks like this is happening now. Later escalators will appear in the middle to take passengers up and down to Crossrail.

3. The Overground platforms will be generally accessed from the other end fom the new footbridge.

It also looks like they are in need of a gang or two of high-class brickies.

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The Long Way Back From Rayleigh

For various reasons, I go to a dentist in Rayleigh near Southend.

Usually, it is a simple out and back from Stratford.

But today although it was easy getting there, coming back was a long journey, as a man was killed by a train at Harold Wood according to this report in the Romford Recorder.

I was informed that there would be a long wait at Rayleigh, so as a bus arrived, which was going to Southend, I took that as if the Liverpool Street was closed, I could at least get a c2c train to Barking or West Ham.

It is only when you are forced to take a bus in a strange town, that is information-free and nearly all your fellow travellers are wearing head-phones, you realise how most buses are terrible outside London.

I haven’t been to the centre of Southend since the 1960s, so it was only because my phone told me, that I was somewhere near the centre, that I got off at the right stop, near Southend Victoria station.

After buying my ticket and a drink, I was then informed that the trains were still not running. So I decided to walk to Southend Central station for the c2c train. This Google Earth image shows the two stations.

Central Southend

Central Southend

Victoria is at the top and Central is on the railway line that runs across the image.

The walk was easy, if rather windy and after ascertaining that c2c would happily accept my GreaterAnglia ticket, in a few minutes I was on a train to London. These pictures taken on the first part of the journey, illustrate the quality of the weather and how close the line is to the coast.

The weather was certainly worse than I encountered on the Cumbrian Coast.

In the end I changed onto the Metropolitan Line at Barking and then came home my usual way via Whitechapel and Dalston Junction.

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The Standard’s Take On The Election

This was yesterday’s front page on the Standard.

The Standard's Take On The Election

The Standard’s Take On The Election

I would like to be voting for a Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition. Steady as she goes!

Seriously though, after looking at the list of candidates, I think I’ll vote for Paul Birch of the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party.

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